Saturday, May 30, 2015

American Pride: Virtue or Vice?

One of the most difficult things for liberals to comprehend properly is the concept of American Pride-as-such.  Deep within the foundations of progressive ideology is a certain resentment of the Traditions of America going back to the Founding.
American Pride is something the Right Wing really LIVES.  We not only feel a deep love for the constitution and the founding father's theology and philosophy, but actually live in a state of Pride for our country, our servicemen, and our works.   This American Pride is, to me, a clear virtue.

But let us, for a moment, contrast that sentiment with the notion that Pride is a deadly sin.  Pope Gregory described it as "the deadliest sin".  After all, the Jesus Christ does say "Blessed are the meek". How do we reconcile the notion that pride is a sin with say, love of country and god - and pride in that love.

I think the answer is, we should feel both pride and shame, regarding patriotism.

But let's take it back in history a bit to ancient Greek civilization.  Aristotle described "Pride-as-such" as one of the key virtues, in fact, the most important virtue.  He had a concept of something he called "The great souled man", or something to that effect.  Pride was considered by the Greeks to be, generally, a positive trait in a person.  So the philosophy of Pride goes throughout history.

Even until today, when we have "Black Pride" and even "Gay Pride".  Are these examples of a kind of "deadly sin"?
I would certainly say so.

But "American Pride" as in "Pride of Country" far exceeds this kind of sin.
Further, pride in one's works and labors should fall under a kind of love of country and God.

So in conclusion,

The word Pride, in latin, translates as "Superbia"...

And when has is ever been bad to be Excellent?

DDU 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Franklin Graham To Fox News Audience: "Stop All Immigration From Muslim Countries"

The honorable son of NC legend Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, commented recently in a Fox News interview in which he expressed extreme displeasure with the Genocide occurring in the Middle East - 
suggesting that, in fact, we should stop ALL immigration from Muslim countries.

That type of honest and, if you saw it, impassioned stance would likely cause the liberal leftist cartel to balk, however looked at from a foreign policy perspective, it's not a particularly extreme position to take.  In fact, I believe Mr. Graham was on target.

Now Mr. Graham's words echo not only the mainstream opine' of 'Merica, but decidedly many christians of ALL denominations.  ISIS/ISIL are Muslim extremists plotting to attack our plot of apple pie right now, AS I SPEAK@!  If we don't just outright STOP immigration from Muslim countries I fear that we could become susceptible to hardcore Terrorism, the likes of which we have never seen.

Mr. Graham, I had mentioned previously, expressed "displeasure" with the Muslim Faith, but beneath the outright platform of his personal relationship with Christ, King of Kings, was a submerged anger with and at terrorism.  I think this anger is shared by, again, the Mainstream of America -

An America that recent elections show is trending towards the right end of the political spectrum.

So Kudos Mr. Graham,
I support your impassioned platform on immigration,
and truly am praying for the security of this country.

DDU 2015