Sunday, March 6, 2016

Godless Heathens Control America: How We can Wrest Back Power

There is no doubt that godless heathens control the strings of America.   Academia, godless and amoral; The media, godless and secular.  The government, despite their proclamations to the contrary, is basically sold out to special interests and has no interest in promoting Christian morals in the capitol.  The establishment holds no regard of the Christian Publik-as-such, and hence, can only be seen as obfuscating the realm of truth and Christianity in the capitol hill.

We must do something about it.
We must remember, this is a Christian nation.
We cant have these new elites running around in D.C. proffering all sorts of anti-god legislation.

Gay Marriage.
Attacking Gun Owners as terrorists.

It's absurd, and would merely be a farce were it not so deathly dangerous in regards to the constitution.

We need to stop the secularists from infiltrating our televisions and classrooms.  It's now in vogue, due to shows like "The Big Bang Theory" (starring a homo), to be dismissive of Christianity and all together derisive of those lunatics in flyover country.

This country is sick.

And Donald J. Trump is the man to fix it!

DDU 2016

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