Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas From Domestic Democracy United: Some Ruminations on Christ

"The stone that the builder refused shall become the end capstone."

The above adage is a paraphrase of biblical verse, found throughout many works of art and literature.  Most people, though perhaps not consciously or actively, are familiar with this mysterious saying.

I myself have been ruminating on it's meaning for throughout the course of several years, and am happy to say found - and will impart unto you - the objective meaning behind this cryptic archetype...

But before I outright tell you what the 'stone that the builder refused' really IS, I ought to recount some of the various uses of this archetype have been that I've witnessed in my reading of the Bible and "Duncan's Rituals", a freemasonry ritual guide.

The "stone that the builder refused" becoming "the end cornerstone" is found most easily in the bible in one of the books of Peter, where Jesus the man tells a crowd of enraptured listeners a parable which I will paraphrase thusly:

"There once was a Landlord who owned land upon which tenants farmed crops.
When it came time to collect his rent, the Landlord sent his servant out to receive accounts payable.
The tenants killed the servant.
The Landlord was perplexed, so he sent his son out to collect.
The tenants killed his son.

So, when the Landlord went out himself to collect, what happened?" Jesus asked.

"Surely the landlord slew the tenants, etc." Everyone replied.

Jesus looked disappointed with them and in a way befitting a kind of reprimand of the crowd said:

"The stone that the builder refused shall become the end capstone"

...and somehow, everyone in the crowd repented and felt shame - because they knew Jesus was talking about them.

...or something to that effect.

confusing, huh?

Well, after some time spent witnessing just how central this end 'capstone' or 'cornerstone' parable is to Freemasonry (I myself have never attended a lodge but consider myself a freemason at heart), recounted repeatedly throughout the entirety of "Duncan's..." not to mention referenced in Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" in which the protagonist talks about how the founding fathers and framers would literally use stone refuse to ground the corners of capitol buildings, I must say - I was even more in the dark than the repentant crowd listening to Jesus in the book of Peter.  I had to admit -

I didn't know what this recurring archetype meant!

And then I found it, just a day or so ago, buried somewhere in Ephesians.

It says....

....and merry christmas by the way.

The stone that the builder refused IS Jesus.

Think of the tale of The Passion.

God sent Jesus, his only begotten son, to give the world a glimpse of his grace and majesty.

But the builder, perhaps in this case Herod and ilk (whose tomb, btw, occupies a sizeable portion of Solomon's Temple), refused Him.

Yet now, as we all celebrate the birth of the Lord and Savior this Christmas, He has become the "end cornerstone" of the majority of Western Civilization proper!

There you have it, gift-wrapped for your Holidays...

For what it's worth,
not much
I suppose.

DDU 2014 RT

Monday, November 24, 2014

Conservative Ascendancy: Why Republicans Won

By now I'm sure we're all familiar with the victory by conservatives in what was an historic midterm election.  Republicans took more seats in the U.S. House, and now have control of the Senate - and now have their eyes locked on the big win in 2016, the Executive office.  We've seen this kind of conservative ascendancy before in 2010, and now we've all - right and left - bore witness to the recent massive victory.

But one question remains...

Why did republicans win this time?

Well to put it succinctly, we won because the American people know we fight fair.  We keep it above the belt, and we don't need the marxist controlled media doing our bidding to win an election.  All it takes is a little honesty, good will and honorable discourse.

I think voters were a little astounded to find that the Democrat party that they knew has become, well, a little disingenuous.  Think of the recent corruption stemming from Obamacare, with a lead Obamacare spokesman/cretin talking about how "transparency" was needed to keep people in the dark about the truth behind the Affordable Healthcare Act.  If you didn't catch this little snippet, a major democrat operative went on the record about how "transparency" can be used to deceive the publik about Obamacare.  disgusting.

I also think liberal's inherent elitism had something to do with the victory.

One can only drink in the snide and condescending tone of the majority of the left for so long without becoming, to put it mildly in my case, slightly contemptuous.  And I think the polls showed this on election day.  People were railing not only against the POTUS and his regime's policies, but against the entire culture of the left!  We're sick of being talked down to by ignorant marxists.

And now the Repub party is marching on the offensive, vowing to fight the President's immigration platform and suing over the Affordable Healthcare Act.  We did it.  We won.

Now the real work begins.


- to my regular readers, all due apologies over my eric holder and d'souza pieces.  I was having personal troubles at the time and if those pieces seemed angry and base, that is surely why. -

Thanks again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Do Atheists Hate God So Much

I'm no psychologist of any sort, but I do notice - well, let's say "demeanors" in people.

But before I begin on this drafty subject, I'll quote Buckley when he said of the classroom,

"We narrow down on focus here to ... (people) ... who actively disparage religion, give it the silent treatment or treat it with supercilious dismissal."

- W.F.B. Jr

The demeanor of atheists is inevitably of the former sort.

They actively disparage religion.  Look at the treatment Sarah Palin got as being a "Right-Wing Christian Nutbag".  They give it the silent treatment, as if any mention of the christian variety sparks silent contempt and indignation.  They treat it with supercilious disparagement and dismissal as Christian life being one of vanity, consumerism and ignorance.

It's all part of the "knee-jerk" reaction of atheists to bruck against Jesus as Messiah.

Why would that be offensive, or subject to any kind of criticism at all- IN A CHRISTIAN NATION.

And be warned fair reader, what we're witnessing in the middle east is HOLY WAR.

As Billy Graham said once,

"During the second coming of christ, god will have to intervene in human affairs, or we would have total racial genocide."

I think that's true of these times...  our age.

But case in point,
Atheists hate god and have a gut reaction to the mere mention of jesus to such a degree that it seems almost as if they have a natural predisposition for persecution of christians!  It's almost as if, they find Christ as Messiah so offensive that they simply must spit on and disparage it.  Why would they look at Creationists with such AUTOMATIC disdain??!?

It's only as if we're saying in some sense that the current science is as it was before Galileo.
What with Quantum Theory (aka atheism in methodology) and other - remember - theories taking hold as cultural currency, it's hard for a Christion to not question why atheism is so detrimental to the Spirit of the U.S.

But this is besides the point.

The fact is,
Dialectical Materialism aka Marxism is simply Hegel's "MIND/SPIRIT" formula without god.  Hegel was very specific about his hermeneutics.  Geist was to be awed at with a view of Christ as Messiah.
Yet dialectical materialism and all of it's amazing social darwinist discoveries have spurned only sour and venemous anti-patriotism.  We can't let them win.

The republican party is the party of Christianity.

The Democrat Establishment Machine almost exclusively serves the Evolutionist mindset.
Let's look to the bible for answers...

"In the beginning, God created the earth, the heavens, and all that in them is"

Pretty deep stuff.

Atheists decidedly overtly renounce this biblical law-as-such when they take on the evolutionary worldview.

We need to stop it in the textbooks first,
change the climate of academic intolerance towards Creationists and Intelligent Design adherents,
and win the battle for scientific rebirth, scientific regeneration, and biblical Reason.


RT DDU 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Free Dinesh D'Souza

You fucking ratbastard yankee communists.

You've sentenced hero and patriot Dinesh D'Souza to 8 months, plus 30,000 plus community service.  FUCK YOU.

You fucking commie stooges.  God will repay you in full.

You fucking jew yorkers.  go the fuck back to yr wicked israelite homeland, which is - de facto - hell.

You fucked up this time.

"Campaign Finance Reform" FAIL.

Fucking democrats can't handle someone shaking you up a litte?
If Dinesh D'Souza had lived in fayeteville, NC - he never would have been charged.

[But because he lived in the land of limited soda with plenty of JEW wine, he was tried and sentenced according to the BS yankee ANTI-GOD ANTI-LAW.]

We will have justice.
Fuckin jew york dems are for shit.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Science: Enemy of Christians Since Newton

Traditionally, one introduced to the sciences was someone also well versed in Christian doctrine.  Newton, as in the discoverer of Gravity, famously was also devoutly Christian.  Newton the man, when not in heaven looking down upon the farce that modern science has become and chortling to the angels and himself, must just spin around in his grave all day.

Now, science is 99 % atheist, with it's infusion of the psychological sciences etc.

What a sad state of affairs.

The pinnacle of human involvement with knowledge-as-such has developed into an anti-god, anti-christian leftist cult devoid of understanding in matters of importance.  Congratulations atheists.

If a scientist is not an evolutionist, he cannot sustain in the current climate of academic intolerance towards christianity.  It reminds me of "God's Not Dead", the recent film inspired by Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God" that shows how wise men of the academic die; as fools.  Now, not only is a teachers tenure in jeopardy if they dare to stand in opposition to the cult of Evolutionary Science - but students also, unequivocally, must go through that ring of fire as well.

Shape up academia.

Stop the mandated Evolutionary Science indoctrination.

It's not like Evolutionary Theory wasn't responsible for the holocaust in ww2 or anything...


The fact is, the problem of the sciences is explained almost right off the bat in MY textbook:  THE BIBLE.

Adam and Eve sinned spiritually when they did, what now?

I'd have to assume all readers are WAY ahead of me.

I like the point in "God's Not Dead" where the young protag gets his prof to admit the awful truth:  He HATES God.

The fact is, most of the sciences have hatred of the divine built into their very structure.  They implicitly (though rarely explicitly) have as their morality one of radical atheism.
Yet we continue to use their "research" - Oft proven to be a farce - to justify social matters.

I say, let the nerds have THEIR WORLD, let us Christians have ours.

And for fucks sake,
Science -
Quit it.

DDU 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Repub Legislators Dare To Oppose Using Food Stamps To Buy Weed

Last week a major legislation has been debated, again under-reported by the lamestream media.  It was about how, in states that have the legalized use of marijuana, ethnics are using their EBT or food stamp debit cards to buy over the counter marijuana.  the repubs, obviously, were in opposition to using taxpayer money for ethnics to buy marijuana.


I smoke.

But using taxpayer money, basically given out for free to the majority of ethnics, to consume pot is just wrong.  the repub legislators were right to try and stop it.

And now, senator Dick Durban is saying that just giving amnesty to more ethnics will solve everything.

Why do those stodgy repub senators dare oppose amnesty?

I'll tell you why.

Because the ethnics serf-class is part and parcel with gang/criminal activity.

Now team 'Bama wants to let them all inside the U.S., give them citizenship, and - NOW - skim taxpayer money so that they can buy marijuana and listen to rap all goddamned day.

I say, send 'em back.

Decriminalization, in terms of industry, may or may not be a terrible idea.

Personally, I think you can keep the pot out of the hands of teens in highschool more easily should it be decriminalized - as everyone who's ever been in highschool knows it is FAR easier to purchase marijuana than to buy beer underage.

But this is beside the point.

The D.E.M., is ACTUALLY opposing stopping ethnics from using their government mandated EBT cards to buy weed in states where it is legal.

At what point does a democrat just stop and say to themselves - "I'm wrong".

The fact is, never.

But for those "libertarian leaning" dems there is a hope.

Or there would be, if the media weren't run by communist columbia schooled journalists and socialist alinsky acolytes.

It's just a farce.

Send the mexi-cartel babies back.

Stop ethnics from abusing welfare and EBT,

and for the love of god

Vote Nixon.

DDU 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The fact is, communists hate america.

The overarching communist conspiracy knows no bounds.  When McCarthy tried to stem the tide of soviet spies, all communists, back in the fifties - he was character assassinated.  He was called a drunk, he was called all kinds of filthy names from liberal progressives, and ultimately - his legacy is not one of ridding the U.S. government of soviet spy's - which he ACTUALLY DID - but of that of a "witch hunter".

Shame on you, the left.

the fact is, there are currently communist spies working for the U.S. government.  From my own analysis, I would say over 1,000 of them.

We need to stop the commies, before they destroy everything we hold dear.

They clearly have a large grasp of the sociological and psychological.  So we need combat them in their home turf...  Academic circles of ho hum intellectuals.

These atheist "global warming" believing nutbags are sick in the head,,,,

and they need to be stopped.

go to JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY for more info on how to stop the communist conspiracy.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Eric Holder Is a Shit Eating Nigger

Eric Holder is, de facto, waging war on whites.

I say, as a southerner, burn a cross in his lawn.

Joking and frank terminology aside, Eric Holder looks like a fascist because he IS a nigger fascist.

He wants to assault the white populous with his hook line and sinker social justice.

Hey mustachio'd nigger in DC, go go go go to cuba you fucking commie.

I wouldn't be surprised if he is a soviet spy for the communist party.

Remember the arms drawdown with Russia, looked back upon with a sense of the idiocy of D.C.?

Probably a soviet spy counter-op facilitated by alinskyites like Eric Holder.

the National Review warns against playing the race card, but the fact is - a police officer - known in modern terminology as "pig" or simply "cop" - is being persecuted by this fucking house piece of garbage.

Fuck off back to nigreristan Eric Holder.

Go back to africa, like your black panther compatriots.

Fucking faggot supporter.


...and you know he is.  He's like that rowdy house nigger from way back.

I say, let's take him and Obama out in 2016.

btw - 2014 midterms are pretty much over.   welcome to the white states of the nigger D.C. of former america.  

Repent sinner.

You can't stand on the same rock where moses stood, so stand the fuck down and let the white's take the grim reality of the country you've decimated.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Protecting The Unborn: Right To "Choose"?

As I'm oft guilty of repeating,
the fact is - the unborn need protecting.

I've heard the mockings of the left of Right To Lifers, and it's detrimental to the current dialectic.

Monty Python mocking Right To Lifers in their "Every Sperm Is Sacred" adage, the scoffing that leftists proffer for anyone who dares to stand against baby genocide.

It's sick.

The fact is, again, the unborn need protecting.

If I was to say to you, that probably about 10,000 babies a day get killed because of institutional eugenics, would you believe me?  Would you cry?
I would cry for the deceased.
I would.

The fact is, the unborn need protecting

Eugenics-as-such is the undying principle of the left, manifested in their extremist activists as well as everyday joe-and-jane-complicit-in-murder.  It's a sad fact, but direly misrepresented by the publik zeitgeist.

The fact is, the unborn need protecting.

ASIA - slaughtering innocent children.
SEX ED - caught promoting eugenics.
BIO 101 - we're all just animals anyways.
Adv. PHI - Actually no, animals deserve more rights than humans because they're so free of the human disease.

It would be a farce, weren't it de facto genocide of babies.

I've even heard there is a hip worldview being promoted amongst the intelligentsia that after-birth abortions are, well - "literally the equivalent of a standard abortion".

I say tell these sick bastards in the Senate to repeal Roe v. Wade.

Seriously though,
let's all take a moment to consider a single death, which is a an unmeasurable cost.
Now let's consider 10 deaths.

Now let's consider 100 deaths.

Now consider 1000 deaths.

Now consider 10,000 deaths.

Now consider that this is merely "per day"....

....from abortions, or properly, eugenics.

Thanks you


Friday, August 29, 2014

Major General Harold J. Greene: Always A Hero

Perhaps the under-coverage of the passing of Major General Harold J. Greene is excusable, but not by me.  The lamestream media seems much more content regurgitating the daily soap opera and telling us all everything is fine and dandy while the world falls apart.  Giving contrite analysis, giving us some kind of grim comfort, telling us all that the D.E.M. is doing a good job.
Meanwhile, heroes like Harold J. Greene keep us free.

How come this story isn't all they're reporting on at the moment?

The fact is, Harold J. Greene will always be a hero.

He is up there in heaven, as we speak, looking down on us with Hosana on High.

Our military has made so many sacrifices, every day basically.

Yet we sit idly by and ask for forgiveness (or don't), and just watch.

Major General Harold J. Greene, an elegy:

"Some must always fall,
some make the sacrifice,
The flag still waves,
across the U.S.A.
they can never stop the
Red White and Blue
from flying triumphantly,
For our freedoms
we take for granted.
Some are willing to die for freedom,
Some take it for granted,
Some stand up and fight,
and some take it for granted -
Oh say can you see,
How heroes never die
How heroes stand forever
How they make us look up
towards god
And take a deep breath,
and look.

Our flag still waves,
Our flag still waves,
Our flag still waves,

For you and me"

- Brendan O'Connell DDU 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All Alone In The Danger Zone: DDU FOUNDER TO READERS - "See Something, Say Something"


I urge you, dear reader, to call the above number should you see a suspicious muslim.  It will put you through to I.C.E.'s Homeland Security.

Thank you graciously.

~Brendan Hooker O'Connell, founder,

Monday, August 11, 2014

John Kerry To Youth Of America: "Either you're smart, or you end up in Iraq"

Speaking at a conference held in Pasadena, Calif., John Kerry said to youths of the U.S. - Either you're smart and go to college or you are stupid, ignorant white-trash that end up serving our country in Iraq.

Something to the effect of, as the headline states:

"Either you are smart, or you end up in Iraq."

This liberal elitism is endemic of just how backwards liberal patriotism is.

It may sound hard to believe, but the left actively dislikes, outright hates and covertly fights the police (i.e., the domestic military in a sense).  They see the headlines on T.V. - active duty police officers, slain by some black/ethnic just the previous night - ALL THE TIME.

Yet the left still regards police, and more importantly the military, as the enemy.  As all of the cliche's which might spring to mind.

I was unfortunate enough to attend the initial Iraq Military Intervention protest back before we toppled Hussein the 1st.  There was an overwhelming sense permeating through the crowd:

The anti-riot police, the military, right wingers in general - are THE BAD GUYS.

So how is it not, dear liberal, likely - as Rush Limbaugh commented today on 106.1 - that Obama and his regime of crony socialists/communists, how is it not likely he feels the fall of Iraq to Isis is - if not a desirable thing - at least an advantageous thing.

Remember, he campaigned in 2008 on an anti-war ticket.

He has, as is known to the public, been at very least snide to military officials and at worst has actively undermined them.

I say, the patriotism of the left is in serious question.

can fascism, really, be patriotic?

The answer, according to a respected source, is no.

And with the, as I'll phrase it, "embellished patriotism" of the left-as-such, what we really do find is - in a sense - fascism towards those who serve our country honorably, dutifully and diligently.

Vote Repub in 2014, and rest assured the constitution will come first!

DDU 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Being-Towards Death: The State Of Worldhood

It would seem to some that the world has come into a state of Being-Towards-Death, and that we find ourselves, entities being-in-the-world-as-such, in a state of fallen disrepair in regards to our own utmost potentiality for being.  As such, the worldhood-of-the-world's fallenness can only be a trace of what is to come.  Our own most being-unto-death.
Being as understood in an ontological sense engenders it's own nature to comport itself towards an image of Hosana, and image- yea, of itself.  Yet even with such a dialectical scalpel, one still wonders.  What is this being-towards-death that I'm referring to.
Being-Toward-Death is our own most potentiality for being.  A nuclear strike would be a form of death inconceivable to our current generation.  Yet it now seems we are on the path to an unsustainable being-towards-death that will lead, inevitably, to "the bomb".

The facticity of this worldly being-towards-death only necessitates a kind of understanding of our own fallenness.  The fallenness of being-in-the-world.  If we were to ascend to the level of non-fallenness, then we would surely find ourselves in the mansions and dinnertables of the afterlife!  We ARE fallen.  Just look at the worldhood-of-the-world, in-and-of-itself.

Death is currency.

So to finalize this diatribe, I'll simply make the cursory reference to the start of "ZEIN UND ZEIT"

what we thought we knew about being and what "being" meant turned out to be insufficient, and now we must admit we understand NOT and begin our search for the meaning of being anew."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Torture Comments By POTUS Raises DDU Founder's Ire

I have to say,
I'm pissed.

Our president recently made comments saying that the torture conducted after 9/11 was, at very least, a bad thing.

This is patently ridiculous.

The fact is, torture - waterboarding and beyond - is our one key asset in the war on terror.

And to see the POTUS come out publicly as shamed by this torture was truly an Unamerican Moment.

The fact is, terrorists not only speedily deserve this type of punishment and more, but to come out in a moment of shame in regards to a ridiculous "human rights" sentiment is laughable.

Let's make one thing clear.

The Koran says, as a mantra repeated over and over (and trust me I've read half of it through), almost as a dominant theme: "Kill the unbeliever."

Anyone who ascribes to that type of radicalism against America has, in the opin' of DDU, it "coming".

So to see all of this hubbub over torture techniques - AGAIN - reeks of the predictable leftistinista "empathy" we've heard so little about.

The fact is, liberals exist by the basis of empathy-as-such.

This empathy says,

"Those poor muslims, we should tolerate them."

Godly "compassion", or "mitleid" has much more of a basic understanding of human civilization.

So Barack?

Quit undermining the CIA -

DDU stands by the CIA in the use of whatever methods are necessary to avert tragedy and detain/kill terrorists.  Barack?  Quit undermining our country's Sovereignty.

DDU 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Obamacare May Do Another Round In The Supreme Court

Just in on the wire:

Obamacare's tax exchange program may prove to be problematic in terms of authentic "Law-as-such", and has been challenged in court, ruled in court to be a lack of sovereignty for the Fed, and now - aptly - appealed.
So the verdict?
This thing, the "Affordable Care Act", may be going to the Supreme Court once again.  And rightly so.  Obamacare does not have support of the people, the support of the state government's of the US, and - more than likely - doesn't really have active support from anyone other than those lockstep D.E.M. activists and cultural drop-outs of the leftist origin.
I say, bring this thing to the supreme court and let Justice Roberts have a good go at the technicalities again.  Because the fact is, we may have them this time on a technicality!
We simply must, at all costs, stop obamacare.
It sets the U.S. people up for all kinds of "nefarious abuses of power", not to mention a kind of conformity generally relegated to third world dictatorships and ilk.  We need to stop it, and if this thing goes to the supreme court, as we the people should do, as one commentator put it:
"I wouldn't bet the family farm that Obamacare comes out of this intact."

We need to stop Obamacare!


Because literally, a holocaust could happen from making the hospitals into federal institutions...
not likely, but Obamacare does give the government that kind of power.

We need to stop Obamacare, because it threatens the right of every citizen of the U.S.'s right to private healthcare.

Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, now your healthcare is the Government's business, and that is - on a state local or federal level - intrinsically wrong.

We need to stop Obamacare, because we don't need some dictatorship of a Regime of commie's ruling our day to day lives through the doctor!

We need to stop Obamacare.

And we WILL!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Zero Accountability From POTUS: U.S. Publik Left Out In The Cold By the D.E.M.

If there's one thing that has been truly transparent about the Hussein Obama administration, it's that they clearly have no accountability to the publik-as-such, nor any respect for the dignity of individuals in pursuit of happiness, freedom and independence.  Every ditto head has heard the double-face talk from the POTUS.
He promised no one would lose their coverage under Obamacare, yet tons of hardworking Americans have been dumped under the affordable care act legislation.
He promised transparency on warrantless wiretapping and other surveillance techniques leveled at U.S. citizens (not to mention german politicians), yet all we got was a series of lamestream apologetics ultimately meant to obfuscate the truth, confuse and scare the publik - and give those of a decidedly educated character a little tender meat to titter over whilst sipping wine at the dinner table.
He promised to be a moderate democrat, yet is truly - by a large and far margin - the most radical POTUS in U.S. history; an alinskyite whose political techniques are directly modeled after the mob.

I say, the D.E.M. (Democrat Establishment Machine) has gone far too far, and I - founder of Domestic Democracy United - along with the public demand accountability from this Regime.
You can't just take the power of this Country and run rampant with no consequences.

All of the malfeasances of this Regime are being accounted for, and, should the impeachment process commence, there should be ample evidence of unconstitutionality and corruption leading all the way up to the White House.

The fact is, the D.E.M. has a very nuanced, almost behaviorist mechanistic, tactic of domination.

Step One: Lie about your true intentions.
Step Two: Disseminate the lie.
Step Three: Force the lie upon the willing and unwilling alike.
Step Four: Lie about the lie.
Step Five: Destroy all evidence of the lie.
Step Six: Rewrite history as to frame the lie as truth.

All, almost assuredly, due to the fact that the D.E.M. believes the ends justify the means...

For the Tea Party, the ends never justify the means...

It's just free people in a free democracy acting freely according to the prevailing justice and writ and law of God.

We don't say, well - "Okay, we want a better society, and we know what that means to us, so we are justified in lying cheating and stealing to achieve these ends."

The tea party stands for freedom.

So join me in calling for the POTUS's accountability to the Publik of the world!

DDU 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Team 'Bama Goes After Our Children: Freakish Alinskyite Attack On Middle America

Here's the news I had rendered previously "too controversial" to take on:

Obamacare is now in the school system, using their sick and twisted cult of psychology/psychiatry to analyze normal adolescent rebellion in terms of some sick psuedo-language I've termed "new-speak".
If a child in America doesn't fit the definition of the safe, tolerant eco-conscious ubermensch that the Regime deems the only acceptable form of Being-as-such, they will be targeted by the Regime itself.  And they're doing it through the Regime controlled school system.

If little Johnny isn't "socialized" properly according to Democrat ideology - they will and have been singled out for inclusion in psychiatric/psychological treatment.  Sick freaks.

It's fine for some sociopath to be given the hospital treatment after he's made his mistakes in life - failed to live up to upward mobility and has drug problems in their mid 20's etc.  But it's not fine for Obamacare to make it's home playing field in our children's schools and classes.

Now, someone who stands up to evolutionary theory in BIO will surely be targeted by Obamacare!

Someone who thinks this administration is full of shit and speaks out about it will be pumped full of medicine, initiated into the Obamacare system, and pretty much become a serf to the Fed.

It's sick.  The people who promote and agree with Obamacare will surely get an easy pass.

But for those who disagree vocally?

They will be punished by this sickly Regime of communists.

Obamacare is fine, for all intents and purposes, until it comes into our workplaces and schools.  At that point, the fight is on.

Hey Barack Obama - go back to nigreristan!!!!


DDU 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Constitution Under Attack: How a Repub Congress Can Save Us

According to recent supreme court hearings, all of the blatant and flagrant unconstitutionality of this administration CAN be fought; and all it takes is a little grit and gusto from the U.S. Congress.

In a recent hearing, court documents have held that under the constitution, unconstitutionality is traditionally combatted by the Congress, and if something reeks of aforementioned lack of safeness and sanctity with regards to the constitution, Senators CAN and - if elected this November - WILL fight back these legislations with clear headed Americanist bullying in congress.  I'd nearly forgotten that the Senate was capable of this type of legislation; what with the dem machine always lockstep in line with the POTUS and Repub Senators gladly whisking away constitutional freedoms and collecting their due pay.  However if we win in november, I can guarantee this will be a fight over the constitution.

And we need to fight for our constitutions.
The Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and FBI and CIA are ALL bound by the constitution.

Why don't we all just sit down, take a deep breath and remember that our - even citizen's - oathe to abide by is that of the constitution!  We can stop the ethnic immigration debate.  We can stop wondering why Congress is getting us nowhere on the new budgetary outlook.  we can even stop the partisan bickering;  and just get down to brass tax.  Why we do everything that we do.

The Constitution-as-such.

The fact is, the Regime is flagrantly abusing government.  We stop them occasionally, and do our best to fightback the tides and torrents of brute circumstance in regards to having a Radical/Muslim POTUS.
But there's one place, that broke today in the supreme court, that has been marked out for a battleground of honor and dignity.

The Constitution.

If we, as of the unstoppable win in the November elections, deem something this administration has done to be unconstitutional - we can and WILL stop it.

And wee can do so because the Constitution guarantees our right to do so.

I applaud the course the Conservative majority had taken in these past several years.

But now a new era of American Politique is dawning.

The era of the constitutions.

DDU 2-14

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shadowy Healthcare Industrial Complex Complicit in Enacting Campaigns Of "Social Justice"

Recently I found that my suspicions about the Healthcare Industrial Complex have turned out to be all too true.  Everyone knows Obamacare is rife with all kinds of "nefarious abuses of power", as I've termed it before; but few knew that this legislation effectively turns hospitals and mental health facilities into agents of a Socialist agenda.
It may sound hard to believe!
"Where I get my healthcare is now a... a Social Justice center?"
Yes, effectively.
Now I'd wager many wouldn't mind a little 'help the poor' sentiment in their healthcare services, but I'm afraid what the Regime is now guilty of, i.e. communism/socialism, is far more dangerous than a little extra good will towards others.
This was a statement by a representative of NAMI, a communist front group:

"The police and law enforcement system is unjust and needs to be stopped."

Now if that isn't dangerous Social Justice activism, I don't know what is.  Everyone, I'm sure, is familiar with that argument that the Regime has created a 'psuedo-law' that undermines and circumvents the legal system and law enforcement establishment;  however, putting that aside for a moment - If what the healthcare system is doing is actively undermining the Police - we're in BIG trouble.

The fact is, Police are the number one target for the international communist conspiracy.  They refer to those who put their lives on the line for the sake of security "pigs".  Well, as it turns out this sentiment is pervasively part and parcel with Obamacare.  Think of it.  What better place to organize than under the radar in a locked down healthcare facility.  They even have their own security forces!
In fact, this communist organization NAMI even has agents who are, mandated from the Fed more than likely, involved in police matters.  There are potentially even some of them working INSIDE police depts.

As everyone knows, communisms main operative goals are to undermine the credibility of the police, discredit their sovereignty, and infiltrate the police depts themselves in order to bring information on Law Enforcement back to the communist party.

This may well, if I'm correct, turn out to be a major component of what Obamacare effectively does!

I for one stand by the police.
I for one feel that the Law is the Law.
And if you do the crime, you do the time.

God Bless America

RT Stillwell DDU 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fallenness, Brokenness and The Way Of Being-Unto-Death

In a fallen state of worldhood, it is apparent that our, as Foucault called it, Human Naturale constitution is one of not only sinfullness-as-such, but also a profound sense of lack of integrity.  Speaking an untruth not only conforms those who internalize this untruth, but is so readily understood as truth-as-such that the integrity of not our own selves but simply of the world-for-itself, under the darkness of a long night, is questionable.    Worldliness would seem to offer an answer to the being-unto-death of the worldhood of the world, and rightly so.  By being of the world, one can internalize an understanding of our own fallenness, and take a kind of solace relegated to the holy in our brokenness-unto-death.
It is my way of saying, be broken.
Understand fallenness.
The world-as-such has been fallen since the garden of eden, when Adam and Eve sinned.

Now, our only real repayment of this brute sin of knowledge and wisdom is in a state of spirit known as brokenness.  Brokenness-as-such is simply being repentancefull, as far as I am concerned.  It is simply and authentically acknowledging that we do, in all facticity, live in a "fallen" world.  One where the righteousness of heaven is nil, and we - in all truth - live in a world of sloven obedience to Abbadon, Leviathan, Osmodais, or whatever you might call it.
A state of brokenness is what is required for godly repentance - accepting that you have sinned, and it is only by virtue of the worldhood of the world's "fallenness" that we have even been offered a mere chance at anything approaching rightness.  Why, in fact, is the world fallen?
Simply by virtue of the collectivism inherent in the early christianity era crucifixions.
god saw how we, as in all worldly people etc., allowed our own sense of malice and conviction bring those early prophets to the cross to be crucified.  he saw how we stood, even PAUL, idly by and watched it happen.
How can we even be forgiven if he knows we are all in a state of being-unto-death that blindly kills prophets, and complicit thereof therein? In, simply, a state of brokenness.
Saying, brokenly, "Dear Jehova, I am sorry for myself and the way I've been living.  I am sorry for my compatriots.  I am sorry for my primordial sin."
Almost every day.

And it is Hard!  and A  HARD WAY!
But it is absolutely necessary for salvation.

"First of all, you must understand that in the last days there will come scoffers, scoffing and following their own evil desires.  They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised?"  But they deliberately forget that long ago by God's word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water and by water.  By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed.  By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgement and destruction of ungodly men.  But do not forget this one thing, dear friends:  With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.  He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.  But the day of the Lord will come like a thief.  The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.

So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with Him."

This comes not from revelations, a very controversial part of the NT in this part of the world, but in fact from a small passage of the gospel I try to read as often as possible...  Peter.

DDU 2014

derived from:
Heidegger - Zein und Zeit
Foucault v. Chomsky Debate
Billy Graham's - "Crusade in Miniature" 12"
Adin Troyer - Jesus, Your Only Way to God

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mexicans Sending Hispanic Babies Over The Border In Grim Race War

From what I've heard, and keep in mind in N.C. Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants is an affair of the imagination, Hispanics of the Mexican origin are sending their "refugee" children over the border to be "cared" for by team 'Bama.

If this keeps up, I may need to write another piece on why it's inherently evil to have American services prompt for "press 1 if you would like these directions in espanola".  It's bloody bollocks.

we have to retrain entire school districts now, apparently, just because the louses South of the border can't keep their cartel kids in check.  I say, send em to the U.N.

Right now, criminal gangs are sending their wee little babes, all brunettes, over our southern border to find "refugee" status in our home country.  And if we refuse their citizenship?  If we refuse to let these wee little babes find solace in our, now, completely deprived Former U.S. o' A.?  What happens?

Well, it would appear because of our lack of compassion on the matter, we would now be in a civil law suit from the DOJ, who wants to keep mexi-cartel babies inside our borders!

It's a flippin joke!

I say, send their diapered asses back to where they come from, and quit botherin me NSA!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The VA Scandal: Exposed!!!

In regards to the queer "resignation" of the Head of the Veterans Hospitals, I can only quote walt whitman when he said, "Of the concourse of Power and Poetry, there is but one true course).  In effect, I should be congratulating Mr. Hussein Obama on his efforts of Justice.  I merely wish that translated a bit more for his Regime.  The malfeasance, and yes it is malfeasant, of the VA leadership should lead to - in the opin' of DDU - more "resignations" a.k.a. "Firings".

Curiously though the DOJ continues it's assault on civil liberties.  If only Eric Holder and Mr. Hussein Obama, along with his Regime, weren't so intertwined.  The DOJ, I think with some responsibility in this matter, has failed to protect Veterans as well.

I'm loathe to say this dereliction of duty - i.e. 60 Dead Veterans in Arizona etc. - is of proportions comparable to, say, Fast and Furious and that mess.  The DOJ should be audited.
But I'm sure that won't happen - just more Tea Party patriots having a little trouble with the Hospital Industrial Complex.

The fact is, Domestic Democracy United's main concern is not some Knee Jerk reactionary outrage - though it may well be for some.  The main call in for this supposed "concourse" to have recourse in recompense.  Some grief.

The brunt is, like with Al Queda, according to Rush affiliate IMPRIMIS, 30% of muslims living in the U.S. believing that former bad guy ******REDACTED******** was a good thing, that there was quantifiable loss of life.  And DDU always stands firm behind the statement of Roger Heartaway, back in 1974 that a SINGLE loss of life is a QUANTIFIABLE loss of life.  That is to say, even the Unborn.

But what does this mean for the VA Hospitals themselves?

That the same eugenics responsible for condoms, sex ed, evolutionary theory and subsidized abortions is responsible for these, more than likely, DEATH PANELS PERFORMED BY VA ADMINISTRATIONS.

succinctly and simply yours,

R.T. StillwellDDU 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Temperance is for Nerds, Losers and Dorks

The notion of temperance is traditionally defined as a southern hospitality of sorts, in which it is considered immoral to drink beers.

This, obviously, has no real existence in the south in the post-deconstructionist age - apart from the Obamanites insistence that everyone act like a dork/looser and whine about those who enjoy life.  Temperance is idiocy.  It is simply a way for those with grievances (and believe me, all nerds and loosers have grievances) to try to show others the correct and "enlightened" way of their own hypocrisy, that is - a grim farce in which every Cool-Aid drinker believes their own way to be the way of correctness.

It is not only a grim-farce, but indicative of a communist conspiracy.

You see, as often as the communist party is thought to be drug-using and defiant (and they ARE drug users), the fact remains that the communist party's platform is one of persecuting those who indulge in a beer.  One of their central tenants is to condemn the use of alcohol (obviously they prefer heroin and lsd - not to mention crack-cocaine).  They used this method of subversion against my personal hero - Mr. Joseph McCarthy.

When McCarthy attempted to, and succeeded at finding soviet spy's working in the U.S. government, he was overwhelmed with allegations that he was an alcoholic.  Personally, I think it's impossible to fight against communism without a stiff drink now and then.  But yes, he found over 40 soviet spies working for the U.S. government, and was immediately attacked due to the fact that he, on occasion, enjoyed a drink or two.

That's because it is part of the American Communist Party's platform to decry the evils of alcoholism and alcohol use!  literally.

So in summation, The ones who tell people that they are alcoholics are generally part - consciously or not - of a communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

And the majority of them are nerds, loosers and dorks who have no life and have read Marx one to many times.

Ask your average nerd how many times he has read the communist manifesto and you will invariably find that they hide the fact that they have ever done so.

It's a shame.

But always remember, never forget....

The fact that Nerds, Losers and Dorks have no life and no accomplishments beyond their own soured sense of vanity.

Hooray for them!

But they shall surely rot in hell for eternity! lol

RT Stillwell, DDU 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hey Teach- It's Point .0003 Percent

I pride myself here at DDU/EIB affiliate, Politalk2.blogspot, as being - as rushlimbaugh has been accuracy checked by conservative fact checkers (i.e. watchdogs), as having a 93.6 percent accuracy rating on my narrative/commentary.

I'm here to tell you, dear reader, today that there is NO HOPE for america today, unless we sentence the victims of crimes to - *XPLZN*

Big date, right?


umm, the youth of america are better off with a .0003 percent deduction on textbook based curriculum.

DDU lol

Monday, May 12, 2014

Review Of Hobbes' "Leviathan"

During a brief vacation, so to speak, I had the opportunity to read a work by Thomas Hobbes through, his "Leviathan".  Olde english permeates the language of the work, and makes for an aesthetically pleasing piece of traditional philosophy.  Such language as "publique" and "sinne".  Very often, the use of what today would be considered incorrect grammar induces in the reader a fluidity and ease of viewing and compliments his actual philosophy, the content, as well as gives one an historical sense that one would be incapable of finding in a textbook.
It would seem odd, considering I've previously "railed against" Hobbes, that I would give a favorable view of "Leviathan".  However, I would be lying if I said this work is anything but an altogether great work of philosophy that stands commendable and admirable, to say the least.  Not having ever read the famous "Nasty, brutish and short" description of human life and consequence in it's context, I was taken aback by how this phrase is, in all facticity, not written with any disdain for human life in-itself nor malicious whatsoever.  In full context, Hobbes explains that life is only so when there is no Law-as-such.  So, I think it is a shame that this "Nasty, brutish and short" idea is obscured by way of implying that Hobbes finds this to be good, necessary, or ironic.  He explains that humans meet a grim end when their rulers fail to protect them, or when a conquering military force decides not to have mercy upon the peoples in a country they've vanquished.
I suppose it's a testament to how one cannot truly in any way at all claim to understand a philosophy from mere snippets and commentary, and it goes to support my ongoing claim that philosophy as presented in academia is glaringly insufficient, because the majority of it is merely a textbook telling the reader what the ideas of monumental works mean through commentary and rather insufficient analysis rather than the reader coming to their own conclusion through immersion in the entire work itself.  Reading Hobbes cover to cover, I can only admit that I was wrongheaded in simply repeating Robert Solomon's analysis of Hobbes as anti-democratical.
"Leviathan" is mostly political and theological in content.  However, there is a great passage early on where he, as many philosophers are want to do, describes what it means to create great art.  I must admit, and I shouldn't flatter myself too much as one of the things that is apparent in Politalk is that I've nothing approaching an acceptable grasp of the english language, that I identified with his description of how the genesis of art comes about.  Composition, he seems to imply, is something that takes both passion and circumspection, with circumspection - as in intuiting where to make variations - winning out as the dominant mode of authorship.  Perhaps that's what he meant.
Perhaps not.
As was said by someone in the continent, famously, when asked what Hegel meant by one of his passages: "Only Hegel and God know".
I think the same would apply to "Leviathan".
One thing I appreciated in Hobbes is his lack of Dialectic, in an Hegelian or Socratic sense.
It's very much an individualist work, and remains - in my mind - an example of restraint in use of wit and humor.  There were many times that I laughed upon reading "Leviathan"
For example, when Hobbes described "Laughing" as making a kind of "Grimace".
Another thing I thought was interesting about this work was his affinity, apparently in vogue at the time, for insulting the Greek philosophes - esp Aristotle.  He's not exactly cruel about it, but upon describing what pagan Greeks actually believed I found myself again making one of those "grimaces".

The climax of Part 1 of Leviathan had me absolutely riveted, where Hobbes culminates his graceful circumspection in an attack on the Church of Rome.  Being partial to this kind of narrative, I have to admit I jumped up in my seat in shock and awe when he finishes the first part of his work with a sharp and decisive blow to the Church of Rome.  Though one thing I should note is that it was patently obvious that he was writing as such to please the new Anglican monarchy, a criticism I suppose could aptly apply to myself on occasion.  Another thing that I thought was a little lacking was his opening:  "For what is the Heart, but a Spring;  and the Nerves, but so many Strings;  and the Joynts, but so many Wheeles, giving motion to the whole Body, such as was intended by the Artificer."  I'm not attempting to say this is not appropriate use of prose, but in this reviewers humble opine it's not as strong of an opener as perhaps it might have been.  Still, it will remain.

In short, 
By Thomas Hobbes

"Fun olde english, fun to read through, and as entertaining as it is important to the disciplines of Law, Politics and Theology."

- Brendan O'Connell, DDU 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Regime Intent On Shoving Obamacare Down The Publik's Throats

The Regime of the U.S.S.A. seems to have no compunction or hesitation when it comes to forcing Americans into an Orwellian fascist state.  Rush Limbaugh yesterday said, of the current climate in the former U.S.A., he's never seen Democracy fall so fast.
And there's one mysterious thing to blame this on.
Obamacare, otherwise known as the "Affordable Healthcare Act".
Obviously it is laden, in a legislative sense, with all sorts of nefarious anti-democratical abuses of authority.
But what do we REALLY know about Obamacare?

Almost nothing, to be perfectly frank!

I'd love to shy away from the sort of "conspiratorial" talk that some revel in; but to be honest, it's difficult.

Obamacare is not just a mess, but - in fact - an official fascist move by a Regime so set on the forcing the populous into a kind of obedience that it's willing to do just about anything to ruin god fearing American's lives.

It would be ironic, if it weren't so deathly serious.

The irony, if it weren't so scary, would be that Obamacare's stated intention is to "Care" for people, and, obviously, it is fairly readily doing the exact opposite.  It's ruining lives.  It's ruining our country.

It's wrong for America.

One thing I don't think this Regime truly understands is that mandated health reform (i.e. abuse of a necessity) may well work fine in the continent.  Perhaps not, but decidedly it IS something that Europeans generally have in their republics, monarchy's, or popular governments.

And the Regime, with their leftinista NPR diet and educated stupidity, love to think of themselves as... well...  a "little european".  They obviously have the sophistication of progressive eurocracy, and are just, well... a little "cultured", a little "more intelligent" than those rubes in flyover country.

They are obviously wrong, however.

Socialized healthcare is just, to put it bluntly, unamerican.

Obamacare might work well in other country's, perhaps -

But the Regime and their disciples forget that this is NOT europe.

This is, or was, America.

Obamacare is wrong for America, wrong for Americans, and just plain "wrong" altogether.

Perhaps if the leftinista cabal weren't shoving it down our throats, so to speak, I would be a bit more compassionate towards what would just be ill timed and wrongheaded paper work cooked up in D.C.

But they are very insistent on shoving it down our throats.

Raise your hand if you've had several, two or more, democrat stooges tepidly recommend that you sign up for Obamacare?

That's, if you experienced it, merely the veneer on a fascist Left wing - intent on fighting in such a vile and base way that the boxing metaphor is, unfortunately, no longer applicable to politics.

The Left wing fights like a UFC champion.
The Conservative Publik likes to, shall we say, keep the gloves on.

So I conclude by saying this small bit of Limbaughian fact:

Health Insurance provided by an employer was set to be eviscerated at the beginning of this year.
Millions were to lose their coverage provided by an employer and dumped into Obamacare...
But the Regime is so disingenuous that they delayed this until, predictably, after the 2014 elections.

It will certainly happen, however, after the elections; so that's a decent sign that liberal benevolence is inadequate for a functioning popular government.

DDU 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thom Tillis Endorsement

I endorse Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate, to represent NC in that dark city of Washinton D.C.
He is truly a breath of fresh air for this repub, and I know that with proper foresight and conviction he will clench the nomination and the office.
Endorsed by the National Rifle Association and given an A plus rating by said establishment, Thom Tillis gets not only my vote, but my sincere congratulations on his support given by the NRA.  We need someone in Washington who can stop the persecution of rifle owners.
Tillis is not only the best candidate for the U.S. Senate, but achieves his status as top dog contender with the ease and grace of a true Christian - who GETS the ways of our fair state of North Carolina. He CAN win, WILL win, and deserves to win.  The NRA has backed Tillis, ensuring all of us in his district that the conservative ascendancy is one of proportions nearing the true character of the south.

Tillis not only has aptly refused to respond to the insipidly stupid attack ads leveled at him so far in the lamestream media, but shows a real attitude of conviction of principle.  I say OF, due to the fact that his principled stance on the second amendment shows he GETS IT.  He gets what we care about, he gets what matters - the constitution - and he understands the true care and concern of the southerner typically.

If I see another attack ad, coupling his free enterprise philosophy with environmental "concerns-as-such", i may sincerely get angry.  The union organized mafioso club-of-the-profane has spent their wad most likely already, trying to convince average citizens of North Carolina, USA, that future Senator Tillis is a crony capitalist dedicated to big industry.  It's laughable, not to mention annoying for a hardworking joe or jane to have to sit through, however brief, whilst getting the weather at 6 and 7 p.m. EST.  The unioners should halt these vicious and ill timed attack ads, lest they show their hand in the political game to be exactly what it is for millions of NCers - a sham parlor trick meant for decidedly middle class overeducated global warming nutbags.  Lay off unions!

Thom Tillis is what NC needs, and this Tea Party patriot succinctly would like to endorse  Tillis with the following:

"Do you want a fucking hippy communist senator, or would you like to vote for a true patriot and southern republican Christian?  I don't care.  VOTE TILLIS."

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On The Conservative Character: Post-Deconstructionist Republicanism

Deconstructionism, otherwise known as post-moderninism, was basically the End of Philosophy-as-such.  It was massively in vogue for many years, and has remained a cultural icon for many, including the counter-culture.  Basically one can look at Po-Mo ideology as a hip european import, taken as true by the majority of academia for most of last century more or less by virtue of it's elite, hip, and altogether "cool" status as an anti-philosophy.  One could, as a teacher, dismiss most of the philosophies of the continent throughout history by simply making a cursory reference to the current psychological sciences and physics-as-such.

However, we must all surely admit that Post-Modernism - given a nomenclature that seems decidedly futuristic - has run it's course and is now, like many philosophical movements of the past, merely another development in how Academics rationalize away the Christian truth of the Bible.  It may have been all the rage for both exceedingly intelligent learned people and counter-cultural drop-outs looking for something to dote on whilst sipping latte's at their coffee den of choice; but we must all admit the truth:  That Post-Modernism is dead.

We now live in an age of what could be called Post-Deconstructionism; that is, the era following the Post-Modernist time.  It's a blithe term that I've coined, no doubt - and surely won't catch fire in academic circles or find anything approaching respectability; however, Post-Deconstructionist philosophy/theology is a force to be dealt with.

Think of Post-Deconstructionism as a return to the originators of Po-Mo ideology.

Hegel and Heidegger, for example.

Both of these decidedly Germanic philosophes are generally acknowledged to have spurned Po-Mo's initial conceptualization.   Indeed, without Hegel and Heidegger there would be no Post-Modernism as is understood academically and, more to the point, in the works of Derrida - the author most closely tied to Post-Modernism's genesis.

If you are still wondering what I'm going on about this for, you could contrast the Po-Mo thinkers and authors with a philosopher I'm sure everyone is familiar with: Sartre.  Obviously he was anti-thetical to Post-Modernism, and many Po-Mo authors spent a great deal of time making polemic assaults on Sartre the man as well as Sartre's works.

So all of this pointless analytical word salad is merely to bring to a head the main thrust of my argument, which I've made before in previous entries... that is, Po-Mo ideology-as-such is almost entirely atheistic while the authors who created works that inspired the very existence of Post-Modernism were very, very Christian.  Hegel and Heidegger too centered their dialectic and ontology respectively around God-as-such.  This is, despite the whining of many left wing black t-shirt clad Po-Mo cultists, an honest to goodness fact.

On a side note, to all of the readers of DDU's Politalk who may still be scratching their heads at the use of Heidegger, here is a short video of the man himself:

How does all of this apply to Conservatism/Republicanism in America?
Simply as such;
The key tenet that defines Republicanism is the idea of a Bible centered culture, rather than a secular one.  There may well be atheist republicans, such as author Tom Wolfe, but the key tenet of Republicanism is the christian ethic-as-such.  The left looks at things in a far more holistic manner, in which Bible and Government are to remain explicitly and implicitly heterogeneous.  They often loudly cite Ben Franklin's account of the separation of Church and State...  However, the philosophical integrity that layeth behind the Republican Party's family friendly platform and image always has a pointed and oft' historically minded retort to almost all of the whiner progressive's qualms; in this instance, Ben Franklin is known, factually, to merely have been addressing the notion of having an official government religion.  It is a far cry to say that this indicates that we must, say, remove the Pledge from the classroom as Dukakis did in the eighties.  
For every ideological position of the Left, there is a bold and thorough philosophical retort.
But the left wing is so brazen that not only will they refuse to hear it; not only will they refuse to let us speak it to others; but they in fact silence any opposition whatsoever, most often through the media and academia.
Intelligence warrants that theology and philosophy be taken seriously.
But those on the left, as per Po-Mo cultism, disallow us to preach the truth by saying
a) Philosophy is dead.
b) The Bible is Myth.

The fact is, Democracy-as-such would never have taken off if Po-Mo ideology had been the existent philosophy of the Founding Fathers, etc.
Democracy requires purpose,
and purpose

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review of "George And Laura: Portrait Of An American Marriage"

No presidency has been as rife with controversy, conspiracy theories, polemical abuse, reactionary media bias and all around disdain from the Left as the Bush presidency.  Recall the 2003/2007 fervor from the lamestream media against W.  Everything from calling him a 'War Criminal' to lambasting all Christians as fundamentalist kooks.  They made every attempt to dethrone W. from his presidency in 2003, and failed.  This type of victory by the right should be analyzed by theoreticians of the political variety, as the 2016 election will undoubtedly receive the exact same level of unbiased media treatment.

Bush, one thing to note, probably took LSD according to the recent book "George and Laura".  As a matter of fact, so did Laura Bush - more than likely.  This is a bold claim, but "George and Laura" seems to hint at the fact that Laura bush went through a phase of wearing bellbottoms and tie-dyed shirts - and W. had a "wide-eyed" period where he almost certainly smoked SOME amount of marijuana and, as I said is indicated in "George and Laura", probably took hallucinogens.  To historical sceptics, it does in fact note that all of his friends and compatriots have been quoted as saying that W. smoked no marijuana or took any hallucinogens, but as presented in "George and Laura" this is merely an indicator that this was a controversy laden issue, more than likely pointing to the fact that W. experimented with LSD in the 70's.

This was one of the most startling aspects of "George and Laura"...  Just how rebellious both of these "squares" were in their early years.  George obviously had his partying days, and Laura has been a social drinker for her entire life up until the present.  However, the way in which their faiths coalesced in a purposive marriage after Laura Bush and George W. Bush met is a definitively awesome example of how two people can come together in a union of teleological prescience.  I mean this by the way in which both of their lives came to a tip when they met, and continued to be a real blessed and graceful movement of teleological purposiveness for years and years, sinning or not.

An interesting aspect of the book that really presented something you wouldn't be able to find in Oliver Stone's treatment of their lives is the role Jenna and Barbara played in George W. Bush's presidency.  Saddled with the same type of lifestyle W. had lived in his former years, they took being the president's children in the post-deconstructionist age with a fair amount of angst and even malice in regards to their role in history.  Jenna AND Barbara were both caught at various points in the presidency drinking lavishly with fake I.D.'s and whooping it up to near promethean fervor, decidedly down and out about having to be in the limelight of the POTUS, with all of the controversy and press that this includes.

But on 9/11 everything changed, and Jenna and Barbara became far closer to their previously somewhat estranged parents.  They started calling eachother every day.  Making visits to the whitehouse where they had previously declined to do so.
Everything changed on 9/11.

However, by far the most fascinating tale told in "George and Laura" is the history of Laura Bush's family.  It's as if Laura was ripped from the pages of a Flannery O'Connor novel and shoved into the light of full prestige.  Her trip from humanitarian elementary school teacher, searching for Mr. Right, into the first lady of the U.S. is remarkable, if only as a tale of differance into being-alongside-others.

Anybody who perhaps has had a drink or drug before will find a great deal to revel over in "George and Laura", where the recounting of W.'s hard-partying days is far more humanized and sentimentalized than in the hit film/hit piece "W".  Rollicking good ole' boy tumultuous revelry and a seemingly softer side to the greatest cowboy in history provides a tale of intrigue and evanescence - a story oft' ignored about Georgie's early years.  From telling off color jokes to fights with George Sr. and including but not limited to about the hardest partying anyone this side of the mississippi can imagine in waking life, the recounting of W.'s early years is a joy for any political insider to drink up and wash with in the morning.

But there remain many key insights into the former first lady and POTUS himself that remain unique to "George and Laura: Portrait of an American Marriage".

1) W. was a class clown in elementary school.

2) Laura actually murdered her highschool sweetheart and got away with it!

3) W. was caught picking his nose on T.V. in the 80's.

4) Laura was originally a a southern Democrat, and never completely strayed from this kind of belief system.

5) W. became successful in school, business, and politics almost entirely due to his charisma and charm, playing mischievous pranks and caining pet names for people, always getting the laugh.

6) Laura took her experience as a teacher to launch literacy programs as first lady; a bright contrast to Ron Paul and ilk's "right to illiteracy" platform.

7) W. made so many off color jokes that it made people around him uncomfortable, an admirable quality in any christian.

8) George W. Bush went to bed almost every night at 9:00 pm, and got up every morning around 4:50 am to read the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. during his presidency.

"George and Laura" is a good buy for anyone looking for something other than the lamestream media bias about the previous POTUS, and I urge all interested parties to click this link and pick up a copy (on sale for next to nothing):
George And Laura: Portrait Of An American Marriage

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hippocrates: Emboldened Sage Demon

Hippocrates, known for his pagan oathe required by all doctors of medicine, is truly an emblem of the taxation and misrepresentation engendered by modern healthcare intrusion.  Intrusion into the lives of everyday people, in that we now must have a doctor in the house - and that doctor is bound by a pagan oathe, the hippocratic oathe.

There are some in the Christian community who view the conflagration between the bible and pagan Greek philosophy as something resolved by thinkers such as Aquinas and Augustine.  This is a grim farce.
The fact is, pagan Greek philosophy and Christian philosophy are diametrically opposed.

This was resolved by many of the recent thinkers in post-modernism, but also profoundly disputed by myself in the following respect:

Thinkers in pagan Greek philosophy believed in, to all you doubters, what is referred to as "polytheism" - according to many postmodern thinkers as well as christian fundamentalists this in no way comports with Christianity, proper.

I've met some in the institutional bureaucracy that is healthcare who truly have a refined faith in completely refuted philosophers such as Aquinas and Augustine - they are dead wrong.

And to take a pagan oathe upon becoming a minister of health is far from appropriate in a Christian nation such as the U.S.A. -
but this is really the "former U.S.A." as doctors are now, in some sense, arbiters of our everyday lives!

It's a crying shame, and one which should surely be revealed as what it is in-and-for-itself... an ancient pagan game of lecherous proportions.  Why not add a leach to my abdomen?

Pagans really were engaged in an evil act - Polytheism.
Christianity really DOES need to be first and foremost when it comes to the administration of Health-as-such!

The fact is, nerds suck!

DDU 2013 R.T. Stillwell

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In Support of Chris Christie

DDU believes that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie makes an astounding candidate for the presidential bid in 2016.  He will continue to garner widespread support from the republican constituency and mainstream voter base, and hopefully ride the tide into a great victory for the Republican party in 2016.
Chris Christie has two things that make a president great; both of which are controversial but all too true.

1. Bridges, bridges and bridges.
2. Bridges, bridges and bridges.

I mean, let's face it ~
A leader who can shut down infrastructure at his political whim is the kind of leader we want to enact revenge on the democrat party for 8 years of social justice activism, massive taxation and a legacy of tyranny.   We need a president with resolve, on who is willing to do the dirty work that it takes to get this country going great again - not some left wing whiny baby with penis envy, am I right?

A leader who can effectively cause significant harm to the constituencies of the left?  That's the kind of leader I want running our country!  One who can shut down bridges, close roads, cancel building permits, make dems feel uncomfortable and out of place etc.  We need someone who can bring the stigma, and make it stick ~ and Christie can do it.

One thing about Christie that has been underplayed in the newsmedia is his devout Christianity.  He is a profoundly Christian leader, who offered his unequivocal support to one of our nation's most Christian leaders of late in his 2000 POTUS run, George W. Bush.  He and former President Bush share one thing in common, despite their notably different dialects:  They both put God first and foremost, and politics second.

We need a leader who can get the job done, send em home and pay the bills.  A big boss, who can keep the busses running on time and keep the schedule in order.  Not some wimpy know it all with a penchant for the radical.

Hillary Clinton's honors thesis was "An Analysis of the Alinsky Model" - that is, an analysis of the author of "Rules for Radicals" who dedicated the book to "Lucifer... the first radical".
Big government with it's little hidden world is NOT what we need more of.  What we need more of is governance, New Jersey style.

And what a losing game the lamestream media will play in spinning a Christie presidency!  I can see it already.  SNL making fun of New Jersey residents as white trash.  Off color remarks his weight.  Using that image to present him as a crony capitalist!  It's so perfect...  perfect for the dems to lose in 2016.

I can see why Ann Coulter was an early Christie supporter!

DDU Founder and Member, Brendan O'Connell

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why Liberalism is Wrong: A Tiresome Dialectic

Liberalism is wrong because of it's ideologically derived affinity for misunderstanding.  Misunderstanding of such basic and primordial terms as "caring" and "coping" and "Concern".

Concern-as-such isn't merely a knee jerk worrisome reaction to an other, but a nuanced and complex way of being-in-the-world.  Reason-in-itself dictates that words have not just a representative meaning, not just a meaning in which we bestow the meaning with virtue, but that the representative meaning corresponds to or, in-fact, IS the object of consciousness.  There is no reason to delimit the meaning of words to one's own inadequately synthesized understanding-for-itself, a priori.

The truth of "coping" is that it is not a slavish and immoral basic-being-as-such that needs to be civilized into an entity, in a ontical sense, in which appropriate behavior (as per behaviorism) is capable of being known or embodied.  Coping is, in fact, nothing progressive...

To cope, as liberalism believes is a slavish inadequate form of being-in-the-world-as-such, is merely to be in a world in which one realizes their own spirit as the definitive form-as-such of an image of Hosana-in-itself.  The fallenness of being-alongside-others defines the terms of a priori synthesis in-itself and for-itself, as the Being of the world is an ontical image of the Absolute individual.  If coping were something, as liberalism believes, to be stopped then this comporting of linguistic formulae - as in ideological contrivance - would be an untrue and ungodly faux pas of ethical understanding as per the post-modern and post-deconstructionist infrastructure in-and-of-itself.

Liberalism adheres to ideology in that it takes the means to be an end for-the-sake-of-which one's own fleeting sense of recompense to Hosana is nil, and there need be no repentance in-and-for-itself.

One is quick to repentance, it is said, precisely because of the fallenness of being-in-the-world and the world-in-and-of-itself.

One is reluctant to repent due to, more often than not, one's own sense of ideological prescience.

Liberalism is wrong exactly due to the fact that ideological adherence is no guarantee of philosophical ontological authority!

Why does one, as per liberalism, make amends to a means with which the a priori synthesis has no verstehen of the ends-for-the-means?  Why sacrifice anything at all?  Sacrifice is no service, no care nor concern.  Sacrifice is merely a way of getting beyond the limits of one's own ultimate Absolute Being-in-the-world!

If one was to say coping is what one needs to move beyond, then one implicitly denies the teleological authority needed for authentic Care-as-such.  If one moves beyond the limits of one's own innate and inherently fallen Being, the ontico-ontological priority of repentance becomes a melodrama of inappropriate one-in-all Universalism.

One can never be all.

All-for-one is only an absolutely singular end delimiting the means of itself.

So, as-such, one can only truly be just if one takes into account the way in which the philosophy of the left is self-defeating.

A self defeating philosophical priority to it's own means-in-and-for-itself.

...and the ends never justify the means!

DDU 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Department of Health and Human Services Needs To Be Stopped

DHHS is not only out of it's mind with it's intent for the peoples of this country, but almost surely acting unconstitutionally and nearly of an instinctually pathological mindset as an institution.  This department, which Domestic Democracy United feels should be defunded as soon as possible, has no care for everyday ordinary citizens whatsoever.  The irony is, it's unconstitutional actions and reformations are all sold on the basis of this 'care' for people - yet DHHS is merely another bloated wet dream of those fanatics in D.C.  The Department of Health and Human Services needs to be stopped.

Obviously, there is something far more sinister behind it's decision to attempt to mandate prophylactics' dissemination in institutions of the religious variety.  What could it be?

One word: Eugenics.

We as North Carolinians need to tell the DHHS to "go home", as in our state Eugenics is explicitly forbidden.  And as far as I remember, certain religious organizations are forbidden by doctrine to have anything to do with contraception.

It reminds me of one of the texts I saw in my short attempt at taking the current farce that is Big Education seriously for brief time: A BIO 110 textbook which stated that "the world is overpopulated and needs to be depopulated due to environmental concerns".
They, the higher ups in the DHHS, can claim that sexual concerns require sexual education and free condoms and subsidized abortions if they like; but we, the citizens of North Carolina, know for a fact that the only thing that makes a substantive difference is promotion of Abstinence before marriage.
They, the social engineers who have run amok in our country for the last 6 years, can claim that contraception is promoted to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancy, but I - founder of DDU - know the awful truth behind this practice of eugenics...

That is, that more condoms being given out at places of employment etc. is actually a 'population control' procedure; which amounts, unequivocally, to eugenics.

Everyone knows that teaching abstinence is the only correct policy.  Sex Ed and other DHHS wet dreams that I won't bother mentioning at the moment by virtue of the fact that it would be far too controversial, are not only stupidly created, not only inappropriate for workplaces and schools, but actually detrimental to society's morals, standards and well being; a sentiment the viciously wicked cartel known as the Department of Health and Human Services claims to have in mind when forcing normal godfearing Christians to take part in their almost humorously vacuous 'condom campaign'.
I'm reticent to mention eugenics, as it can be a touchy issue; especially for those who actively believe in the very existent 'academic eugenics' ideology.  But the fact is, it's a touchy issue not by virtue of it's existence in schools, workplaces and philosophy - but because of the fact that some higher ups on the Left believe that promoting eugenics secretly is so important that those who speak out against it should be marginalized.

Just as per collectivism, any attempt to indict someone implicitly in agreement with eugenics is met with denial, obfuscation and the kind of bobbing and weaving one expects from a boxer!

Take for example noted Hegel scholar and aussie extraordinaire Peter Singer.

His ideology is a perfect example of eugenics:

He believes that animals are actually more important than humans (save the trees etc), that live human babies should be allowed to be murdered after they're born, and that - of all things - Hegel's dialectic is one of historical evolution.

I'm kidding of course...

But the fact is, every so often one of these elite intellectuals are discovered as holding similarly eugenicist views - Why let these eggheads run our government?

Why let some sick freak make our Churches into little public institutions?

Why let the DHHS have any more of our tax money?


DDU 2014 - Brendan O'Connell
Founder and Member of Domestic Democracy United

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Letter to a Ukrainian Dissident

Dear Ukrainian dissident,

I've been flattered by people in your country frequenting my blog page, presumably due to the protest movement in your country's need for an authentic philosophy of the west.   I wish I could offer anything substantive, but what I've coined "Domestic Democracy United" is just that - a domestic organization.  I rarely address the tumult of the overseas world, precisely because of the fact that all I know for sure are the long stretches of the U.S. interstate, the legacy of our founding fathers, and my own inadequately educated understanding of what I intuit democracy to be in-and-for-itself.  However, it bequeaths me to address these deadly clashes that have been escalating in your country, of which I know little beyond the fires, tear gas, and relation to the former U.S.S.R. - Russia.  It is not only a bold decision to ardently oppose seeming annexation by "mother Russia", but a wise one politically.  It can be hard to stand in contrary poise to such an overwhelming enemy, perhaps deadly - but you can stand as such with the truth of your convictions, the philosophy of the right and correct, and the will of the Almighty decidedly on your side.  However, perhaps the Che flags are, how do I put it, a terrible choice.  This sort of protest, with the liberalism and communism that it entails, is far from what is needed in what is essentially a fledgling democracy movement and I condemn the use of such communism as a hypocritical and self defeating tactic.  However, one must note that there are certain "fringe elements" in any protest movement, and you would do well to distance your own movement from that of the international communist conspiracy, that uses any opportunity to advance it's cause.  What seems most touching about your practically suicidal struggle is that you stand in opposition to Russia.  Why?  Is it due to some long standing grudge?  A history of conflict with said nation?  A need for opposition to the Goliath of the east?  I would simply note that you are right to oppose such a needless use of the former U.S.S.R.'s iron fist - which is far from just, righteous or even remotely capable of anything approaching sovereignty.   Take a key from the Tea Party!  Throw Russian products into a river or some such thing!  And I'm still very interested in why exactly Russia-as-such feels the need to dictate over a country that it has no dominion over...  Stinks to high heaven in my book, and Domestic Democracy United stands by your principled stance.  With a little good luck and the will of the Lord of Hosts on your side, you may yet achieve victory for your cause, albeit a limited one that has almost no hope of a peaceful outcome.  Camus once said, "The only philosophical question of any importance is that of suicide."  You'd do well to take this seriously, if only as an ontology.  Russia has always been an inherently communist country.  It's claim to having gotten over that period of it's history is the equivalent of enemy propaganda rolling over the picket line.  The cold war isn't over, and despite the left's inability to stand up to or admit of Russia's "Commie Problem", DDU 2014 stands with you in your struggle.  The American right had made a commitment to helping nation's like yours stand in opposition to Russia, and while the current administration may founder in this instance, I'm sure you can take some solace that portion's of the American Republican Party stand with you and believe, in the absence of those ridiculous Che Guevara flags, that you are 'in the right'.


Brendan O'Connell, Domestic Democracy United: Founder and Member

Suggested reading:
GWF Hegel "Philosophy of Right"
Joseph Farrah "The Tea Party Manifesto"
Heidegger "Zein und Zeit"
Rush Limbaugh "Rush Revere"