Saturday, April 15, 2017

TEA PARTY GROUP DDU: "On the Violent Overthrow of Assad"

I'm afraid I must digress a bit from my so called "Domestic Democracy United" tenet of only commenting on domestic-as-such affairs and turn my attention towards the - what I will term - "revolution" in Syria.

Right now as we speak, revolutionary freedom fighters in Syria are coordinating with the U.S. in the violent overthrow of the "butcher" known as Assad.  Their efforts do not go unnoticed, and with the good grace of the universal ethic of Democracy we will see Assad "unseated", as Rex Tillerson recently predicted.  The Syrian people, that is- "citizens" of Syria-as-such need, want and yae DEMAND a democratic system of government!  They despise what this despot Assad has done to their historic nation and would like - as per Iraq - to be able to elect their own leaders.

We need to remember amidst bouts of islamaphobia that we both - Christians and Muslims alike - worship ONE god.  We may believe very different things about the means and manners of redemption-as-such, but we have an astounding coalescence that I think U.S. citizens and Syrian citizens can unite on: Monotheism.

So that being said, I think we are all walking on broken glass at the moment currently after the tensions with Russia and Syria (not to mention the Norks) came to a head when Trump ordered the strike on Syria.  He apparently phoned in the order whilst having desert with the head of the Chi-Coms!  Astounding.

What we now have in the middle east and Syria is a full on revolution, an unequivocal overthrow of the Islamic State-as-such.  We need to support, as Tea Party Patriots, the tremendous effort of devout muslims in Syria - Democracy Fighters - to overthrow Assad.

Without our assistance - an assistance that Obama sorely kept null and void - they stand no chance against the brutal arm of Islamic Fascism.  These fighters need to know - Christian, Muslim or Jew:  "We're all in this together!"


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