Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Free Dinesh D'Souza

You fucking ratbastard yankee communists.

You've sentenced hero and patriot Dinesh D'Souza to 8 months, plus 30,000 plus community service.  FUCK YOU.

You fucking commie stooges.  God will repay you in full.

You fucking jew yorkers.  go the fuck back to yr wicked israelite homeland, which is - de facto - hell.

You fucked up this time.

"Campaign Finance Reform" FAIL.

Fucking democrats can't handle someone shaking you up a litte?
If Dinesh D'Souza had lived in fayeteville, NC - he never would have been charged.

[But because he lived in the land of limited soda with plenty of JEW wine, he was tried and sentenced according to the BS yankee ANTI-GOD ANTI-LAW.]

We will have justice.
Fuckin jew york dems are for shit.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Science: Enemy of Christians Since Newton

Traditionally, one introduced to the sciences was someone also well versed in Christian doctrine.  Newton, as in the discoverer of Gravity, famously was also devoutly Christian.  Newton the man, when not in heaven looking down upon the farce that modern science has become and chortling to the angels and himself, must just spin around in his grave all day.

Now, science is 99 % atheist, with it's infusion of the psychological sciences etc.

What a sad state of affairs.

The pinnacle of human involvement with knowledge-as-such has developed into an anti-god, anti-christian leftist cult devoid of understanding in matters of importance.  Congratulations atheists.

If a scientist is not an evolutionist, he cannot sustain in the current climate of academic intolerance towards christianity.  It reminds me of "God's Not Dead", the recent film inspired by Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God" that shows how wise men of the academic die; as fools.  Now, not only is a teachers tenure in jeopardy if they dare to stand in opposition to the cult of Evolutionary Science - but students also, unequivocally, must go through that ring of fire as well.

Shape up academia.

Stop the mandated Evolutionary Science indoctrination.

It's not like Evolutionary Theory wasn't responsible for the holocaust in ww2 or anything...


The fact is, the problem of the sciences is explained almost right off the bat in MY textbook:  THE BIBLE.

Adam and Eve sinned spiritually when they did, what now?

I'd have to assume all readers are WAY ahead of me.

I like the point in "God's Not Dead" where the young protag gets his prof to admit the awful truth:  He HATES God.

The fact is, most of the sciences have hatred of the divine built into their very structure.  They implicitly (though rarely explicitly) have as their morality one of radical atheism.
Yet we continue to use their "research" - Oft proven to be a farce - to justify social matters.

I say, let the nerds have THEIR WORLD, let us Christians have ours.

And for fucks sake,
Science -
Quit it.

DDU 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Repub Legislators Dare To Oppose Using Food Stamps To Buy Weed

Last week a major legislation has been debated, again under-reported by the lamestream media.  It was about how, in states that have the legalized use of marijuana, ethnics are using their EBT or food stamp debit cards to buy over the counter marijuana.  the repubs, obviously, were in opposition to using taxpayer money for ethnics to buy marijuana.


I smoke.

But using taxpayer money, basically given out for free to the majority of ethnics, to consume pot is just wrong.  the repub legislators were right to try and stop it.

And now, senator Dick Durban is saying that just giving amnesty to more ethnics will solve everything.

Why do those stodgy repub senators dare oppose amnesty?

I'll tell you why.

Because the ethnics serf-class is part and parcel with gang/criminal activity.

Now team 'Bama wants to let them all inside the U.S., give them citizenship, and - NOW - skim taxpayer money so that they can buy marijuana and listen to rap all goddamned day.

I say, send 'em back.

Decriminalization, in terms of industry, may or may not be a terrible idea.

Personally, I think you can keep the pot out of the hands of teens in highschool more easily should it be decriminalized - as everyone who's ever been in highschool knows it is FAR easier to purchase marijuana than to buy beer underage.

But this is beside the point.

The D.E.M., is ACTUALLY opposing stopping ethnics from using their government mandated EBT cards to buy weed in states where it is legal.

At what point does a democrat just stop and say to themselves - "I'm wrong".

The fact is, never.

But for those "libertarian leaning" dems there is a hope.

Or there would be, if the media weren't run by communist columbia schooled journalists and socialist alinsky acolytes.

It's just a farce.

Send the mexi-cartel babies back.

Stop ethnics from abusing welfare and EBT,

and for the love of god

Vote Nixon.

DDU 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The fact is, communists hate america.

The overarching communist conspiracy knows no bounds.  When McCarthy tried to stem the tide of soviet spies, all communists, back in the fifties - he was character assassinated.  He was called a drunk, he was called all kinds of filthy names from liberal progressives, and ultimately - his legacy is not one of ridding the U.S. government of soviet spy's - which he ACTUALLY DID - but of that of a "witch hunter".

Shame on you, the left.

the fact is, there are currently communist spies working for the U.S. government.  From my own analysis, I would say over 1,000 of them.

We need to stop the commies, before they destroy everything we hold dear.

They clearly have a large grasp of the sociological and psychological.  So we need combat them in their home turf...  Academic circles of ho hum intellectuals.

These atheist "global warming" believing nutbags are sick in the head,,,,

and they need to be stopped.

go to JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY for more info on how to stop the communist conspiracy.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Eric Holder Is a Shit Eating Nigger

Eric Holder is, de facto, waging war on whites.

I say, as a southerner, burn a cross in his lawn.

Joking and frank terminology aside, Eric Holder looks like a fascist because he IS a nigger fascist.

He wants to assault the white populous with his hook line and sinker social justice.

Hey mustachio'd nigger in DC, go go go go to cuba you fucking commie.

I wouldn't be surprised if he is a soviet spy for the communist party.

Remember the arms drawdown with Russia, looked back upon with a sense of the idiocy of D.C.?

Probably a soviet spy counter-op facilitated by alinskyites like Eric Holder.

the National Review warns against playing the race card, but the fact is - a police officer - known in modern terminology as "pig" or simply "cop" - is being persecuted by this fucking house piece of garbage.

Fuck off back to nigreristan Eric Holder.

Go back to africa, like your black panther compatriots.

Fucking faggot supporter.


...and you know he is.  He's like that rowdy house nigger from way back.

I say, let's take him and Obama out in 2016.

btw - 2014 midterms are pretty much over.   welcome to the white states of the nigger D.C. of former america.  

Repent sinner.

You can't stand on the same rock where moses stood, so stand the fuck down and let the white's take the grim reality of the country you've decimated.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Protecting The Unborn: Right To "Choose"?

As I'm oft guilty of repeating,
the fact is - the unborn need protecting.

I've heard the mockings of the left of Right To Lifers, and it's detrimental to the current dialectic.

Monty Python mocking Right To Lifers in their "Every Sperm Is Sacred" adage, the scoffing that leftists proffer for anyone who dares to stand against baby genocide.

It's sick.

The fact is, again, the unborn need protecting.

If I was to say to you, that probably about 10,000 babies a day get killed because of institutional eugenics, would you believe me?  Would you cry?
I would cry for the deceased.
I would.

The fact is, the unborn need protecting

Eugenics-as-such is the undying principle of the left, manifested in their extremist activists as well as everyday joe-and-jane-complicit-in-murder.  It's a sad fact, but direly misrepresented by the publik zeitgeist.

The fact is, the unborn need protecting.

ASIA - slaughtering innocent children.
SEX ED - caught promoting eugenics.
BIO 101 - we're all just animals anyways.
Adv. PHI - Actually no, animals deserve more rights than humans because they're so free of the human disease.

It would be a farce, weren't it de facto genocide of babies.

I've even heard there is a hip worldview being promoted amongst the intelligentsia that after-birth abortions are, well - "literally the equivalent of a standard abortion".

I say tell these sick bastards in the Senate to repeal Roe v. Wade.

Seriously though,
let's all take a moment to consider a single death, which is a an unmeasurable cost.
Now let's consider 10 deaths.

Now let's consider 100 deaths.

Now consider 1000 deaths.

Now consider 10,000 deaths.

Now consider that this is merely "per day"....

....from abortions, or properly, eugenics.

Thanks you