Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fed Exonerate's Hillary Clinton: Surprise Surprise

Recently, Hillary Clinton was found not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing in regards to her use of a private email server as secretary of state.  In fact, it would seem that Bill Clinton went out of his way to meet with Loretta Lynch in order to ensure that nothing would muck up Hillary's POTUS campaign.  He just happened to be at a Phoenix airport where Lynch was passing through.  When asked about their more than 30 minute conversation, Lynch responded that they mostly talked about their grandchildren.
It was clearly a power move by the Clinton's, and probably wasn't nearly as colloquial as we're meant to believe.  I'd wager Clinton probably through his weight around with Lynch, making it clear that if she wanted to keep her job she'd clear Hillary of all guilt.  I'm sure Lynch was, as Obama's go-to DOJ head, happy to oblige.
Yet none of this is surprising to the politically keen.
Can anyone honestly say that this Administration has enough integrity to convict one of it's top members of wrongdoing, knowing how the elite Washington insiders operate?  I can't say they've proven themselves to have nearly that amount of clout.
Repubs I think are far less corruptible in this respect, and though we stick to our guns in terms of morality - we don't divide corruption along party lines like the left is apt to do.  Especially Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton is about as corrupt as they come, and has had - even as recently as 2008 - a number of sexual trysts with women other than his wife.  He is a womanizer, a perv, and an altogether rotten tomato.
And Hillary even created a "war room" dedicated to silencing and intimidating any of the women who spoke out about their affairs with Bill Clinton (A few even met strange untimely deaths).
So when Hillary Clinton says she cares about children, you can rest assured this is a rouse.   All the Clinton's care about is Power.  They want as much power as possible, and it doesn't matter the means in which they get it, who they have to trample on to get there, and who they have to intimidate to keep quiet about their corruption.
Trump, however, cares far more about the "free market" than about an over-sized central bureaucracy.  He cares about the America we all remember in our hearts...  the one where any man or woman regardless of sex could rise to the level of greatness through sheer grit and determination.  Hard work pays off, or is supposed to.  Yet now the number of unemployed is ridiculously low nation-wide due to the fact that the majority of jobless have simply given up finding work.
Anyhow, Hillary stands exonerated.  Surprise Surprise.

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