Friday, April 15, 2016

America: A Beacon of Light for the World

The initial purposes of democracy were to create the bureaucratic conditions necessary for the existence for truly functioning free world Liberty-as-such.  Liberty, in the sense of an individual's god given right to live free from the encumbrances of a monarchy, an oversized central government, and of tyranny in general.  Our founders tried to guarantee us the right to practice religion freely, to own and acquire property and form militias.  It is this basic free-minded philosophy that has shown like a beacon of light on the hill for generations.
Yet, we are told, freedom isn't free.

And it's not.

Our intrinsic liberties come with an implicit commitment to citizenry.
For example, the founders meant not just for elected officials and government workers to uphold the constitution of the U.S., but for the constitution to hold a special place in every citizen of America's heart. The degree to which a generation of American's uphold the constitution is the degree to which we are taking responsibility for the sacrifices of our Nation's history, for example the countless number of U.S. soldiers and Free World operatives who have lost lives, limbs and risked capture and torture for-the-sake-of keeping this fine country Free.  They were willing to take the biggest risk imaginable for the sake of Liberty-as-such for every citizen.  They served.

We should all honor the fallen through our deeds, words, hearts and minds.
We should do so by committing ourselves daily anew to the Constitution-as-such.
We should do so by honoring the military, police, DHS, CIA and FBI - for in a former time all of these hero's fell under the rubric of "Free World Police", whose job was - essentially - to guard against tyranny and communism and continue the ongoing Democracy project throughout the world.

We should try to loosen ourselves from modern day pessimism and nihilism and realize that our founders really stood for something that we - today - can stand for as well.  Liberty and justice for all.

Ronald Reagan was famous for looking at the U.S. as "...a beacon of light on the hill.", and in the present age I'd reckon we could all use a bit of that kind of optimism regarding our own and other's countries role in the world.  I think we as a peoples need more integrity and responsibility in regards to our own phenomenal being-in-the-world as well as pragmatic pursuits.  We need to understand on a basic and phenomenological level that what we do in the world really matters - both to ourselves, others and our Nation.

Domestic Democracy United 2016

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