Thursday, March 31, 2016

On HB2 Legislation: How This Sound Policy By North Carolina Lawmakers Is Far From Extremist

Recently Gov. McCrory of North Carolina signed into law the HB 2 bill, which explicitly prohibits transgendered peoples from using public restrooms of their proclaimed gender.  The law states that the gender that is on your birth certificate is the gender oriented restroom you must use.  This fair minded policy has received marked criticism from the lgtb sect, not to mention from our own attorney general, who called the legislation a "national embarrassment".  I think the exaggerations of those on the left reveal just how out of touch with mainstream America they really are.

The fact is, under Charlottes attempted mandate, a "Transgendered" person is merely someone who associates with the opposite gender of their birth.  So that means that people with no sex change operations, hormone treatment or other sex change procedures could walk into the opposite sex's bathroom simply because they "Identify" as transgender.  This obviously and painfully opens up the future to all kinds of sick malfeasance...  Not to mention, sexual abuse.

As I've stated before, homo's bi's and transgendered people are abominations before god, and inherently psychopathological and simply perverse.  Who's to stop these freaks from trolling restrooms known to be used by children for the ends of sexually abusing them?  Who's to stop all kinds of sick and brutish things, ala' a truck stop, from occurring in what might otherwise be a safe and healthy neighborhood?  Who's to stop them?

Well, I'll tell you boy!

Gov. Pat McCrory and NC Legislature right in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.
They put a definitive end to this malarky, and now are they sure getting heat for it.

From your average yankee liberal looking down their nose at southerners in North Carolina to media elites giving all sorts of terrible diatribe in regards to the South's moral fortitude all the way up to accusations of the much dreaded "discrimination".

It's a laughable farce.

If you really think that keeping transgendered's out of their sexually oriented bathroom of choice is so tyrannical, why don't you ask a victim of sex abuse what tyranny means.

Does "Buffalo Bill" from the film "The Silence of the Lambs" really seem like the sort of person you want using the same restrooms as women?

TY  DDU 2016


  1. On what basis are you equating transgender people with peadophiles? It doesn't help your argument to make such a nasty and above all spurious link..

  2. Although I have to say after five years of writing blogs they are at least now readable.