Tuesday, November 19, 2013

91.5 Million Not Working: Distorted Unemployment Numbers Giving Publik a False Impression

According to today's broadcast on Rush Radio, the numbers given for unemployment preceding the 2012 POTUS election, 7.8 % unemployment, were not only bogus but part of a presidential bid by the regime that had decided to "do whatever it takes" to win the election.  The real number of unemployed, around 91 million people (just now becoming publik), has been ignored in favor of "adjusted" numbers.  The census bureau has now publicly stated that the numbers given for unemployment are a distortion of the fact of 91.5 million unemployed, and that the "non-job seeking unemployed" loophole is hiding the real and dreadful facts about the depth of unemployment nationally.

This issue is rife with comment, so I'll merely state that DDU believes that a healthy unemployment rate is an important part of a functioning economy.  You can't have 100 percent employment, and those who are not working often play a vital role in a culture, society, and civilization.  However, if it is true that the unemployment numbers were manipulated in 2012 to present a rosier picture of our economy than was factual it is, indeed, a dire shame.  Republican's, as part of our differance with ideology, do not manipulate and cherry pick data in order to present a false narrative.  We feel strongly about our religion, our truth, our philosophy - and we stick to our guns and fight fairly.  The left, though rarely recognized, is hardly as altruistic...
This is a major tactical difference in the two parties.
One, the Democrat party - feels it okay to "take refuge in ideology"...
The other, the Republican Party, can hardly make time to address all the slander and misrepresentations leveled at it, and rarely does due to the right's dedication and commitment to Honor.
The Democract Party feels no compunction facilitating unions to usher voters into the voter booth.
On the opposite side of the coin, Republicans make arguments based on their intrinsic merit, and don't compromise with organized labor.

The Democrat party seems to, as today's breaking news indicates, feel that adjusting the unemployment numbers and lying about the state of the economy is all a perfectly acceptable "means to an end".

The Repub heritage would never sink so low...

The fact remains, near 100 million U.S. citizens unemployed!
And those mongrels up in capitol hill persist on opening up the borders for floods of immigrants to just wash into our country and take our jobs.  They want to offer a pathway to the american dream...

For illegal immigrants who are currently, in massive proportions all throughout our states and country, taking jobs and, more importantly, pay out of honest American native's hands.  Cheap labor at the cost of John Q. Public's financial independence.  91.5 million out of work...  how many illegal immigrants are there in the former U.S.A.?  I'd say it's a safe wager that many or more!!!  100 million is around how many people will lose their health insurance under obamacare!

That's not penuts folks -  that's a symptom of a major problem.

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