Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Medicalization of Deviance and Obamacare: A Dangerous Certainty

The medicalization of deviance is a complex theory regarding how and why the healthcare system is used to promote the reformation of deviants and deviance-as-such, so obviously I will be unable to address all of the various schools of thought on this subject adequately.  However, it's more than probable that this medicalization of deviance-as-such will increase in it's use and abuse under the new Obamacare psuedo-law that the regime has engineered as it's lone gift to U.S. history for generations to come.
It was once said, you don't have to be president-for-life if you can create a bureaucracy-for-life.

The impact on young children of this bureaucracy in particular is a fairly tragic result of creating nationalized healthcare and positing it's mission, health, as a law of sorts.

Young children of school age who "act out" will surely be the victims of the boomers lack of foresight in regards to Obamacare.  The will be medicalized with the efficiency, transparency, and culpability we've come to expect from the Regime.  They will certainly be considered deviant for daring to question the now atheist oriented school system, and will likely be ingested by the "system-as-such".

It is a crying shame.

Obamacare will only increase this brash misuse of authority, and certainly make the America we all remember, over the course of a generation or so, an impossibility to exist-as-such.  Say goodbye to apple pie...

Say hello to the psych ward.

We all know that one friend of ours that has "problems".
We sympathize with their plight, but not so much as to care-as-such when they become drowned in the healthcare system's bile and undigested material. 
We love them, but we hope they will get the "help" they need.
We think of them with empathy, yet give little heed to their rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

In the collectivist legislation that is the Affordable Healthcare Act, we can see that individual rights - such as the right to deny care or treatment - go down the drain.  Now, if you don't sig heil the new Socialist States of America - you will likely become one of those poor souls in dire need of "fixing".

In a final note on this short segment, I'd like to pull the rug out from under the "Compassion" that is posited blithely as the underpinning of Obamacare.  
Who hasn't heard some neo-progressive say something to the effect of - "The overweight, smokers, disabled, etc. are costing ME money!  They are (something to the effect of) a burden on the 'system'.  We need Obamacare because 'those ones' are weighing down the entire medical establishment."

I've heard it at least five times in casual conversation...
It's an uncompromisingly scary worldview.  It will, most likely, lead to the execution of undesirables through the medical system at some point in U.S. history.
And it is, unequivocally, not compassionate.  Not sympathetic.

I'll perhaps give that sentiment the title of "empathetic", but keep in mind that's just "pathetic" with a couple of letters before it.

The founders and, yea- their entire generation of courage and genius, must surely be turning in their graves....


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