Monday, August 5, 2013

Terror Alert "Red" in U.S. due to Islamic "Chatter"

The news splayed all over the wealthy news bastards television screens on this day of our lord is that U.S. intelligence is gathering evidence that there is the potentiality of an imminent threat to security domestically and abroad.  Something along the lines of "the chatter is of kin to that which preceeded 9/11".  The scariest thing of all, however, is that whilst proclaiming the security breaches of snowden, manning and ilks' threat to security, they are signalling in all avenues of media their open hand in a dangerous game of poker.  A game that requires the finesse of conservatism, and a game that the lib humanist cult shows a glaring ineptness at playing adequately.

Yes, snowden coming forth with insider info about the sick game of, according to the wall street journal today, (paraphrase) "using spyware and trojans as per hackers to infiltrate cell phones and computers to turn them into wireless microphones used for mass surveillance" is the problem.

Conjuring the clown of media to dance in horror at a legitimate terror threat isn't a problem at all.

In fact, that's the only responsible course of action for an administration that relies on the media for it's framing of subjectivist "truth".

Irony is less than apropos.

Let's follow the train of morality here:

Snowden and Manning = leaking info that could result in loss of life due to security breaches.
Lamestream Media = Perfect for disseminating info about the current muslim terror threat.
Public = responsible for disavowing leakers.
Government = leaking SERIOUS security risks directly to CNN and ilk.
Terrorists = probably not literate enough to really figure out meaningful inner workings of security apparatus' from some far removed wiki-something-or-other.
Islam = can easily watch CNN and ilk or watch reporting garnered from CNN and ilk.

Barack Hussein Obama - you can trust one thing... he's really intelligent.  He knows what he's doing.  He would never commit a major break in protocol due to being in dire need of good ole' FEAR ON A SUNDAY.  He knows what's best, and that is to completely misappropriate responsible moral discernment.

Give me a break!
If Manning is really anything other than superman, and snowden is anything less than heroic - at least hold your cards close to your chest in the event of an imminent threat.  It's really the only thing a gov'ment could do in these circumstances to lend credibility for persecuting Bradley Manning.

I forgot, no every tom jill and jane jihad knows exactly what they need to to pull of another terror attack simply by watching CNN and ilk...  how silly of me.

George W. Bush in his "Decision Points" autobiography makes an important point:

and it runs thus:

"Fear is forgetting."

I can still remember the fear of 9/11.  I can still remember the negligence that led to two russian-ethnic muslim students slipping through the cracks of the Obamacare reality show.  I can still remember an islamist psychiatrist being allowed to not only reap upon poor troops who, by the way, none of whom have PTSD, but to attack them with heavy weaponry.  I can still remember the REAL cause of newtown - the eerie warrantless wiretapping of the mentally ill and right wing.

I can still remember...

But all they want in D.C. is to demean the majesty of innocence-as-such.
All they want is more of the same evolutionary "change".
They forget responsibility.

DDU 2013

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