Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Liberals Word is Worth Nothing: Why Not To Trust Leftists

Liberal ideology often prides itself on being the foremost of scientific prowess and ingenuity, yet the "word" of the left is often far from being capable of holding these titles in terms of legitimacy of opin' and rigor of rhetoric.  More often than not, their ideological basis in criminality and lack of intellectual foundation hides a dedication to lack of merit regarding the sanctity of their position-as-such.  They oft' espouse integrity, yet find themselves encumbered by a lack of it.  They oft' espouse sovereignty on the basis of philosophy, yet go on to persecute this kind of dialectic in practice.  They oft' talk of "for the people" ideology, yet undermine personhood on a constant basis.

To  ask a liberal, "to what extent is your word worth your act" - is to proffer a dialectic of reason, to a degree.

To ask a liberal, "how much do you hold to your ideals" - is to question the certitude of the leftist ideological underpinning.

To ask a liberal, "what is your promise of sanctity worth" - is to, at a basic level, reveal their own narcissistic atheism through result of act, deed, and worth.

A liberal who speaks necessarily lies about their commitment to deed, action, and purpose. The purpose of liberalism is implicitly to lie about their intentionality.  That is the basis of the liberal adherence to atheism.  They will simply tell the judeo-christian culture of heavenly adherence whatever they wish, to the end result of hell-bound slave-morality.

They will simply tell all christian culture - "look... we believe in you.  We believe, even, what you believe.  Just give us an inch...  For if you don't, well...  You are one of them."

We shouldn't give them an inch.

We shouldn't allow their slave morality to undermine our Christianity.

All we should do is fight against their slave morality tooth and nail.

Because, I'll have you know, slave morality degrades not only the sanctity of reason and the abstract nature of being-as-such.  Slave morality degrades the very foundation upon that which was fought and died for has stood upon.  Degradation in this respect is the sole constituent of the leftist cause.  Bring everything to the rot of it's own.

But we can do something about it...

We can remember, a slaves liberal morality is never worth anything.

We can remember that a slaves liberal virtue is nothing more than a lie,

We can remember that the words of the left are nothing but empty circumstance.

And we can remember that a liberals word is worth nothing.

If you ask a liberal to give you their word, you can trust in one thing.  Not that it will be profound, which it is not.  Not that it will be humanitarian, which it is not.

You can trust that it will be false.  That it will be a lie.  That it will be nothing more than pushing you further towards their ends with no recompense.

You can trust this till the day you die.

For to be a liberal is to live, and BE, a lie.  To be a liberal is to believe in and succumb to a lie.  To be a liberal is to live in service of a lie.

To be a CHRISTIAN, is a far differance.


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