Friday, June 21, 2013

Marco Rubio is Destroying America: Why the Repub Party Needs to Exile R.I.N.O.'s

Compromise on immigration seems to be the current path to reforming the waves of illegal hispanics in the senate.  Muckrakers would make a fuss about the amendment, agreed to on both sides of the aisle initially, that prohibited any action until the border is secure, but this is beside the point altogether.  The lone fact is - Marco Rubio is a R.I.N.O. or republican in name only.

His "reform" seems to be nothing more than ushering even more immigrants into our dear country on the basis of his nostalgic RNC speech: more American dream for immigrants and sons of an immigrant like himself.  Personally, I believe his credentials to be not altogether vetted properly by the party.  Rubio's involvement with his nation of origin, Cuba, has not sufficiently been investigated; and DDU calls on the republican party proper to inquir into how genuine of a repub Rubio actually is.  I mean this literally.

You see, ever since the term "Compassionate Conservativism" was coined in a fit of genius, those not even coming close to being actual conservative republicans have attempted to defame the legacy of reagan and all of his cold war splendor by positing a kinder, gentler conservatism.  Basically, without going into too much detail, the politics of pre-meditative compromise to the left.

Why should we compromise?  Why can't at least an effort to build fences succeed?

Because, I would wager, some number cruncher in the G.O.P. has a penchant for fiscal conservatism and the strength of "cowboy export".  I.E. - some dullard who sincerely lacks belief in creationism or other related theories believes, in his heart of liberal bleeding hearts, that bue to the complete inability of anyone to stop the inflow of hispanics into our country, the former USA, that the G.O.P. must stoop to the immigrant hoardes.  Probably due to the pervasiveness of "tolerance" and "evolution of culture", the egghead weenies in washington think, unequivocally, that we should welcome these non-natives "infrastructure".

It is the opin' of DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED that we ought to, en' mass as a republic, deport all of them who come here illegally.

For it is due to the myth that jobs taken by low wage immigrants are undesirable to natives of OUR country that we make such ignoble and untimely compromises.

Those compromises such as offering hispanic immigrants subsidized healthcare.  That we should welcome them into our communities.  That we need to change all infrastructure to stoop to their little brown level and force godfearing christians to hear some kind of cheap blooded demon speak.

Marco Rubio - GO BACK TO CUBA

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