Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dubious Intent: Why The Left is Caving on Homeland Security

The ideologies of France are well known by some on the Right - in terms of Rousseauian Liberty-as-such and the Po Mo ideology of subjectivism.  What is not so well known, were the root intents of these authors - as such - the same goes for the recent Administry's decision to do anything from appointing case defenders to terrorists to the same transparency promised in the '12 U.S. Election.

The intent of this 'transparency' may be good hearted.

The intent of going public with specific apparatus' of Homeland Security may be a necessity.

But, the intent of Obama's administry leaking it's own Security details may prove fatal...

The left, though promulgating the rumor that Barack Obama had to make decisions he wouldn't have made before after learning the secrets of the Oval Office thus undoing many of the things he promised during his two campaigns, has been on the offensive regarding many Security issues for quite some time already.
Though the Regime states it's commitment to transparency, tranparency-of-intent is of far more consequence than pragmatic transparency.  The intent of this administration is to stick up for terrorists.  To stick up for immigrants.  To stick up for the lie of pinkslips for patriots.

We shouldn't allow not only the torrents of immigrants to learn anything about Homeland Security, but ultimately, we shouldn't allow the terrorists to learn of these details, now leaked by mainstream media, either.

The dangerous intent of do-gooders may seem plausable to some - but to others, and of the platform of DDU, it is a brash mistake unless transparency-of-intent is made the lone historical mark of this Administry.
It may seem foolish, but transparency-as-such can be a dubiously rendered strategy in the war on terror.

Let's send Washington a message!


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