Sunday, July 14, 2013

Obama on Zimmerman: :Trayvon "would look like his son if he had one" : : Officially endorses Communism

Not that it is at all telling for a President who is known to be a socialist to endorse communism in his explicitly attested "spirit", however -

Barack Obama has likened, schizophrenically enough, the son he "would have had" or some such delusion to have "looked like travon";  hence, irrevocably revoking his commitment to christian spirit.
Trayvon's type, a gangbanger, would have hardly have believed in and worshiped the lord....

Devil worship is, undoubtedly, a central tenant of gang culture.  They very often espouse the virtues of the "Grim Reaper", explicitly.  Think of the last grim reaper picture from an early nineties gangsta rap album if you will.  It's a specific part of the communist conspiracy, which is in today's age explicitly - gang crime.

The italian mob, the irish mob, the whatever the hell else mob are forms of communism.  They are not, even far from being examples of lack of commitment to the U.S., committed to the lord our savior or it's foundation in sovereignty.  They ARE the arm of the commie conspiracy.

...And by Mr. Hussein and his regime endorsing and backing this young disciple of not merely rap/club/urban culture but "gang-culture-as-such", their credentials as defender's of liberty, the eternal order, and yea justice itself is dethroned officially.  Recognized officially as communism.

Not surprising coming from a lawyer for the touchy subject of Acorn.

They were shut down in late-2000's for illegally traffiking underage sexual slaves.

But you won't find that in annals of time, the 'village voice" and their representatives within the now direly substance void psycho-sphere.

All you'll find is, depending on your district, the liberal hoarde shoving a hoarde of liberals throats with lies.

Obfuscation was never a strength of the jounralism of yonder lore,

Yet the truth of jesus is gone from the public narrative.

In it's place, by dictates from the right, is the language of tyranny.  The shackles of class warfare from the 99 percent.  The resentement of the sub- and proto- slaves under the spell of ideology.

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