Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Service of Morality: Why Service Matters

Many young and brash counter-culturalists discount service.  Many see it as a form of conformity and laughable obedience.  Many of these students, and non-students, don't realize that this anti-service ethic is merely a form of what is known as resentement.  I'd suppose this never occurs to them due to the near universal and absolute rejection of philosophyand Tradition-as-such results in a sort of pathology that is hardly compassionate, though they espouse justice for the lower classes, nearly devoid of sympathy-as-such, yet they proclaim the virtues of love, and completely lacking pathe, or sufferings.

To suffer means to have emotional experience, in classical and modern senses of the word.

To suffer is to be human.

Yet the meaning of suffering is all but devoid of prescience in this notably ugly ideological adherence to the ethic of repulsion to service-as-such.

Service, in a pragmatic context, signifies giving back to the world, giving back to the foundation upon which one is capable of excelling, and in a basic sense giving back to our communities.  It is not extolling some blind ideological paradigmatic farce.  It is surely not the raised fist.  It cannot be espousal and whining.

Service-as-such is simply believing in, adhering to, and gracing with actuality the meaning of another humans emotional existence.  It is knowing that no matter what, other's have emotional integrity as members of civilization and recognizing our duty to evangelism and care-as-such.  It is probable that anti-service ethics is merely a form of rejecting, due to resentement, the substance and regard that all of a certain character believe to be the basis of Being-In-The-World.

I'll ignore the origins of this use of dashes and german translation for now,
However, service matters due to the fact that all people depend, in an independent and individualistic sense, on each other for our most salient necessities.  We depend on the grocer's service for basic nutrition.  They depend on their employer and the customer for the return on their service.  The employer relies on, and serves, bothe the customer and the grocer for his sustained activities in the market and, ultimately, the government depends on the corporation for it's very capability for to serve it's constituency.

As I once quipped to a friend, the constitution of constituents of the community constitutes the constituency-

So how much of service is going above and beyond the role of the market?

In a sort of hard sense one could say that it really has nothing to do with a call to do something extra, beyond the call of duty.  It is merely the function of an Adam Smithian invisible hand, the functionality of enterprise and capitalism. a soft  meaning, service could be construed as, by it's nature, going to lengths and measures for the call of duty-as-such, beyond what is merely required and demanded of oneself.

I would say, in this final passage on service (which by the way is inspired by an altogether North Carolinian take on service during this day of our lord, 9/11. presented by local media) I would say that service matters because putting others before oneself indicates the concept developed during the enlightenment and key part of the founding of our country known as compassion-as-such.

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