Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daily Show on Obamacare: "They Can't Spin This Turd"

Single payer, government run healthcare has been what was getting sold to the U.S.A. in the Affordable Healthcare Act the entire time, it's now being revealed.  None of that "just a little regulation" nonsense that was being spouted about for the last several years.  Full on, government run, healthcare - single payer - is the final result of the bastard of a bill that was the Affordable Care Act.  There's a little truth -

- You will pay, handsomely, for Obamacare -

The fact that no one discerned this previously only highlights the low information voter base's lack of readily available foresight.  We warned them.

They didn't care.

Now, after it has become public that the Affordable Care Act legislation is not only unaffordable but a total disaster, people are becoming aware that - "Woah, this is gonna be a major pain in the ass...".  Substantially, the obamacare project makes Hippocrates the reigning ruler of U.S. spirituality rather than Christ.  It creates a leader class of those who have taken this "hippocratic oathe" and lead's us into a hellworld where dentist-type "health" becomes a little more than that annoying thing we hate about having to keep up with the jones's.  It makes the dentist the LAW!

So, anyhow, the big news is thus:  Low info voter hangout cult leader John Stewart, host of the Daily Show, has now called Obamacare out for what it is... a total mess.

Last night on the daily show, Mr. John Stewart noted in regards to Obamacare that "They can't spin this turd".  All too true unfortunately.

The fact is, now that obamacare has become a reality, the masses of publik people in the U.S. have gradually come to realize that Obamacare is as Stewart described: a turd.

A turd that will cost you, potentially, 13% of your income.

All so you can have a dentist dictate the law for the rest of U.S. history!

One thing to note before I come to another forthright conclusion:

Do you like the solace of a hearth and glass of Burbon?

Do you occasionally take slightly more of your medication than prescribed?

Do you, upon a rare moon, go a bit hayware?

With obamacare, prepare to be demonized by the incompetent.  Prepare to be marginalized for having a good time.  Prepare to be called crazy for doing anything out of the ordinary - by marxists...

You know, for a long time the republican party has been thought of in the collective zeitgeist as the party of stingy, uncaring old people.

Get ready, in the next 10 years, for that to change dramatically.

The fact is, as per Alex Jones, the republican party is increasingly gaining traction as a countercultural icon - keeping the country free from fascism.

But the cold fact remains...

Obamacare IS fascism ~

DDU 2013



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