Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Compendium of Selections from Ann Coulter's "Treason"

In the spirit of having a little fun (as morbid as it may seem) here are some more or less random selections from a book authored by Ann Coulter entitled "Treason".

"Frustrated in their attempt to enslave the world, liberals' only fun anymore is destroying individuals."

"Democrats do the most outrageous things imaginable-collaborate with totalitarian regimes, commit felonies in the Oval Office, gay-bait senate staffers-and if anyone complains, they scream about fascist oppression."

The reporters, the Democrats...were all having a rip-roaring good laugh at the notion of Communists in government.  Stalin's show trials must have had them in stitches."

"Confident that the media would portray them as eloquent and reasonable no matter what they did, the Democrats behaved like animals..."

"This is treated as comparable to Henry V's speech at Agincourt, only more inspiring."

"Another act of mind-boggling courage was lyndon johnson's single flight through-out world war 2-as an observer-for which he was awarded the Silver Star, the third highest combat award.  For the rest of his life, Johnson wore what historian David Halberstam called 'the least deserved and most proudly displayed Silver Star in military history.'"

"Stalinist spies were passing secret government document files to Soviet agents, and the Treason Party sprang to action by vigorously investigating the precise words McCarthy had used in a speech to a women's Republican club in West Virginia.  This from the 'legally accurate' crowd.  Bill Clinton denied under oath that he had engaged in sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, that  Monica Lewinsky had engaged in sexual relations with him, or even that he was ever alone with Monica Lewinsky.  This is hailed as Clinton's courageous effort to 'save the Constitution.'"

"People who assure us McCarthy presided over a reign of terror also describe Ken Starr's plodding, meticulous investigation as a reign of terror.  And they say that when we're watching.  Imagine when they'll say when the generation that knows the truth is gone."

"Right up until the Venona Project was declassified, proving the existence of a vast network of Soviet spies in America throughout the forties and fifties, the 'Red Scare' industry was still going strong.  Literally months before Venona was declassified, Griffin Fariello released an inadvertently hilarious book titled 'Red Scare: Memories of the American Inquisition'.  The book consisted of scores of 'oral histories' describing 'how it felt to live amid an ideology now labeled McCarthyism."

"Liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason."

"You could be talking about scrabble and they would instantly leap to the anti-American position."

"Everyone says liberals love America too.  No they don't."

"They boast (lyingly) about their superior stance on civil rights.  But somehow their loyalty to the United States is off-limits as a subject of political debate."

"Liberals demand that the nation treat enemies like friends and friends like enemies.  We must lift sanctions, cancel embargoes, pull out our troops, reason with our adversaries, and absolutely never wage war-unless the french say it's okay."

"Is it more patriotic to love your country or to ridicule those who do as "naive" and "angry"?  These are not questions impenetrable to human logic."

"Free speech is a one-way ratchet for traitors.  While journalists assailed Bush for creating an atmosphere of intolerance for those who 'object to patriotic oathes,' they didn't mind creating an atmosphere of intolerance toward those who support patriotic oaths."

"Liberals unreservedly call all conservatives fascists, rascists, and enemies of civil liberties with no facts whatsoever."

"Liberals malign the flag, ban the Pledge, and hold cocktail parties for America's enemies, but no one is ever allowed to cast the slightest aspersion on their patriotism."



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