Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NC Senate Passes Hardline Abortion Reforms

Today in the North Carolina Senate legislation was passed making it tougher for people in this state to get abortions.  The legislation will go on to the house next week, and will ultimately end up on Gov. McCrory's desk for approval or veto.

First off, abortion is murder.  You are more than free to argue otherwise, but as I've always said - the ill effects of the counter argument, abortion is NOT murder, weighs far less in terms of liability and resultant consequence than if my, and more importantly OUR, position proves to be true in light of history.  For example, if abortion is NOT murder then there will simply be more fornicators with little babies to take care of.  No small deed to be sure, but that is the ramification of legislation in regards to the "right to choice" platform.

If abortion IS murder... well, I'll leave it to you to make the moral equivalence.

The real story here, however, is our Gov. McCrory's reaction to the Senate's decision.

McCrory said last year, on the record, that he would veto ANY further legislation making it more difficult for people to obtain abortions.  This should give the whiner's on the left some cause for comfort, though I hold little hope that his tenacity of moderate opin' will even be noted by those forever sneering conservo belittlers.

Further, he actually went so far as to actively criticize and rebuke the republican held Senate for slamming this legislation through, saying - paraphrase - "it is all to akin to the manner of a Democrat Senate".

Harsh words, once again, from our Governor.

Whether or not this legislation receives a veto upon passage in the house is, to me, beside the point.  Ultimately, the conservative demeanor that spawned this very legislation itself will force the Charlotteir Gov. to do the will of his compatriots in the capitol city.  Anything other than a signature by the Gov. to this legislation would be, to put it lightly, a very obtuse undertaking.

But if you are, say, a "women's rights" proponent, activist, or sympathizer - I merely ask you to remember that the wages of sin are death.  The wages of responsibility? Well, merely giving towards that which ultimately may be other than convenient to your lifestyle.

Think of it, if you will, in terms of utilitarian philosophy.  I.E. - More pleasure = More Virtue. More Pain = Less Virtue.

How many women can you find who espouse the beauty of rearing and, yea- giving birth to a child?  "Miracle of Life" and all of that?

How many ill begotten pregnancies ending in the MURDER OF A BABY are remembered by those who took part in it with bitterness, tears, and brutal memories of the unnatural?

I doubt anyone can refute this logic.

As is normally the case for utilitarianism.

But let us not forget that this legislation, JUST PASSED IN THE SENATE, not only comes from a genuine source of North Carolinian grit - but does not, as many may argue, stigmatize those who receive abortions.

This legislation is far from a witch hunt for those who have premarital sex.

It is, in fact, a perfect nuance on an already established position of our towns, our states, and our party.

DDU urges Mr. McCrory to remember that the penultimate power in NC comes from not the executive or judiciary - but from the sovereign halls of the capital city.  McCrory, upon near promised passage through the house, should not hesitate when time comes for his fine and honorable penmanship to make the mark that further decreases what I think is appropriately termed "MURDER".

RT Stillwell

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