Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DDU Founder Brendan O'Connell "Engaged to be Married"

Just a real quick note to my readers that despite the regime and commie conspiracy's attempts to destroy my capability for success through whatever means necessary, I have recently become engaged to a nice young lady of the south and am currently undergoing a conversion process to become fully catholic like my role model William F. Buckley Jr.

I can't say it'll be easy, and have - in the past - regarded myself as protestant in my interpretation of the bible etc.  but I can say through the past year attending sacred heart cathedral in raleigh that I have learned to have a substance of my faith and hope to pursue a final baptism into the faith thus bringing my heart closer to the king of kings.

It is, I should say to my young readers, only by virtue of my conservative christianity that I came to find the women of my dreams and I urge all young men confused about the old question of "what to do" to consider proclaiming the virtue of faith in order that one might find a woman with similar inclinations.... it just works, and when it works - it's something special.

Thanks for sticking with Politalk, those who continue to turn here for whatever sake that they might.

It should now become able, through the conversion of myself - Brendan Hooker O'Connell - into a proper southern gentleman in the traditions of those fathers and keepers of the faith that we all hold so dear, to pursue in individualism a more respectful and ultimately honorable discourse.

I ask that you pray for a successful marraige and, especially if you have a moment, for those lowly resentful urchins of the left who so surround my love to not succeed in destroying this forthcomming faithful union between my louisiana born fiance.  IT could happen.  Pray that it won't.

Please - I need your help.

On another note, I've done a bit of thinking about how a man can, as a christian, put god before women.  How one can learn to truly love the Almighty Jehovah more than the woman, for it is He who created the heavens and the earth and the stars and the moon and all the be in the world.  How can we?

I tell you by seeking to proclaim Truth rather than lustful deceit.

I tell you by being a Man of Faith, rather than a gruesome parable of passive malignancy.

I tell you...

One may worship the almighty truly in the highest and most truthfully absolute way by reaching toward the cross -

...rather than the fuzzy handcuffs.

By reaching for the bible,
rather than preaching a subverted paternalism to a choir of one.

...by, ultimately, being more and more - everyday - moved towards acts of joy and kindness toward god by virtue of your lover, for god indwells in each participant of a union of love.

My lover is the most shimmering star in a bucket full of sky, and were it not for her encouragement and godly guidance by way of a womans reproach, I would surely be a far lesser man in sight of Jah.  Jah see's all things - and by Jehovah the son and the holy spirit he has given me a great gift due to my Grace and ardent work.

Now just give me time to learn to read metaphorically.


*POLITALK THE MOVIE* Now in production.

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