Monday, August 26, 2013

Txting from the Capitol City

It's 7:45 pn this beautiful monday morning in North Carolina's capitol city, Raleigh ,=.  The mood here is vigilant and life affirming as a multitude of city folk return to work after a jubilant weekend.  The sun is rising on this fair city, and though sparse in spirit, Raleigh seems to be doing her duty - the heart of town, the heart of the city, the heart of our State is truly a wonder to perceive.

I'm currently texting from my phone, and cars skirt by this lonely island near NC State campus in a fire-brand of grace and living-as-freedom.  Birds chirp jovially, christians whisper the truths of their master, and folks become and be the truth of this fine city.  I say truth, but merely mean the actuality of a monday morning in the midst of the final return of the year.  God's truth.

There is much feeling of joy, much sentiment of patriotism, and much grit of the american spirit so enumerated by our southern lights on the hilltops.  The peaks of excellence are so unencumbered by mediocrity and subservience that even a chicken hawk clucks in the back of the yard.

Women get theirs.  Men get women, and industry keeps the getting going good.

The state's republican house, committee, and official offices are mere strides away from my current porchfront location.  Everything is set, locked and loaded for an eventual return to the source.  The source?

The source is an entity that bequeathes unto all the truth of the Lord and Savior.  Life flourishing...

The bell at the Baptist church up the street chimes-   the dawn contin
ues to rip folks awake and throw them into the tide of circumstance.  Slats clap and signal industry's bold commupance.  The fences at the nearby hotel glimmer with golden hue.  Cars continue the endless promenade.  The YMCA, next to which I am located, sits
 in silence...  The first day the children at their summercamp return to school.

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