Thursday, July 18, 2013

NC Issues Major Tax Overhaul: Administration, House and Senate all concur: "Historic"

I'd like to begin my brief exposition by stating the following:

"Tax cuts are important."

"Tax cuts are existential."

"These tax cuts, in my native state NC, are undoubtedly a historic shift in principles."

Why, on the subject of something as basically economic as taxes, would slight, quote, 'savings' be historic?  Why would saving approximately 80 dollars a year, as is the case for most in North Carolina's Tax Overhaul, to roughly several thousand for the 10 percent - Why, presumably for most, would we as a state be incapable of sensing the historicity of this shift in priorities via taxation?

Why would this tax cut be, in an acute way, and existential undertaking?

The answer: Due to economics and philosophy's basis in the real world of matter and circumstances, a simple and notably slight decrease in taxation amounts to the realization of ethics-in-form.

Ethics-in-form and, nothing unrestrained, savings for real human beings translates into - en masse - freedom.

Freedom from collectivism.

William F. Buckley Jr. makes the case in his ethic of action-directed typography that is "God and Man at Yale" the case that taxation is, per collectivism, a form of proto-marxism.

Prototypical of collectivistic endeavors to rob freedom of it's determinate formation in the granite of time and pomp.  A good prototype of what WE, as Americans, were FLEEING FROM in the 1700's. I.E. - the kingdom tax collector, knocking on doors, identifying economic circumstance, and skimming money off the top of men and women alikes brows... Inside the guts of the deal are linquistic formulations that limit government explicitly and implicitly, overtly and covertly, for itself and in itself.

Taxation IS - De Facto - Collectivism.
Taxation IS - De Facto - State identifying economic circumstance
Taxation IS - De Facto - ignoble.

A DEM said in response to the cuts something along the lines of, "b-b-but funding for state programs will be unable to... to - to extend their reach to as many folks."

I say, I bloody well hope so.

Existentially, everyday North Carolinians will inevitably be on a golden-hued stairway towards living - once agin - in a true democracy-as-such, back to our republic.

Domestic Democracy United supports Gov. McCrory in his decision to make tax cuts his salient, prescient, and (if you've seen him lately) slightly long haired course-toward-freedom in NC's districts, communities, and churches.  I say, let them eat cake -

If only Washington D.C. would let them have it.

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