Friday, August 9, 2013

G.O.P. Insists on Courting the Hispanic Vote Despite Vigorous Protest

According to one source in the house on the Democrat side, there are - apparently - 40 to 50 republicans who will vote in favor of legislation for amnesty for illegal immigrants, a pathway to citizenship for Mexicans, and who feel it is a good idea to acquiesce to the now massively overwhelming hispanic vote in the U.S.  The narrative for the Republican party is apparently entrenched - they will court the hispanic vote, and forward the legislation voted down in the Senate in the U.S. House.

Despite the supplication of the Senate to it's base on this issue, still, House repubs insist on allying themselves with the Rubio-republicans, feeling little or no remorse for giving up the traditions of the powerhouse that Reagan republicanism inhered upon the nation in the 1980's.  They feel no danger of loosing their seats should they pursue this legislation that is ultimately merely an assumed necessity - that is, to court the hispanic vote in lue of their massive population increase within the past decade.

This is a mistake, and one that - owing to the tea party victories in 2010 - could cost many a representative their seat...

The fact is, not only does pursuing the espanola-tounged vote alienate the base of loyal protestant conservative republicans, but it is an all to easily understood failing strategy.  The hard fact of the matter is, despite the hispanic Pope's conservative bent - ethnics still and always have voted almost down the line for liberal causes!  There is no point, despite number crunchers for the G.O.P.'s assurances to the contrary, in attempting to even address the Mexican immigrant population apart from condemning their illegality.

How is it that so many Mexican's thrive so ardently in the U.S.?

A little known fact:  The illegal Marijuana industry.

We shouldn't allow these beasts to dethrone the sovereignty of our party on the basis of raw numbers and facts.

We, as a party - tea or otherwise - should lead from the gut.  A gut, and heart, that stays true to the republican ideals of National sovereignty and the traditions of Western Civilization proper.

Brendan O'Connell

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