Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sarah Palin Says on Hannity: "Snowden is Not The Problem, The Government is the Problem."

Recently I was fortunate to hear a timely broadcast from Tea Party leader Sarah Palin during the long commute from Raleigh NC to the country.  In it she said a number of things that were shocking, well pointed and said eloquently despite the media's presentation of her as a conservative bimbo, and all to prescient for the republican party as such.

Among the statements from Sarah Palin this week:


"While not my first choice, we should create a third party - a 'freedom party' - if the republican party continues to fail it's constituency."

"I was happy that in 2010 and 2012 I was able to lend credence to and get elected many tea party candidates simply by endorsing them,  I feel fortunate to be in that position."

"Cocktail party republicans are just as bad as democrats."

"Edward Snowden is the not the problem, the government is the problem with its unconstitutional wiretapping."

These were all startling admissions from who, in my opinion second only to Michelle Bachmann, is the leading voice of the Tea Party.

I should note that I would not so blithely regurgitate some paraphrases from a radio broadcast were it not for just how prescient these remarks are.  Amongst other things, they solidly showed her dedication to being a rogue voice for the path to Liberty in America.  This path is, decidedly and oddly enough, being ignored by the R.I.N.O.'s and the fascist regime of Mr. Hussein Obama.  Why they are deciding to, as Bachmann said on Glenn Beck this week, literally destroy the republican party through this "pathway to citizenship" malarkey for Hispanics is beyond comprehension to this countryboy conserve.  It's a fact that should the Gang of Eight succeed, the republican party will be in roughshod position for potentially the rest of history!

But yes, yes... the dirty word: Snowden.

I think many repubs and dems are, by way of the growingly odd American collectivist mindset, compelled to disavow Snowden out of some growing compulsion toward fascism.  Those who decried the FEMA Camp-danger are quickly, in many's opinion, are being proven to be anything other than kooks and as is often leveled at these types, far from dystopian-minded fanatics.

The fact is, the - let's just say "air quality" in the former U.S.A. is probably on par with about the atmosphere preceeding the execution of "unemployables and the mentally ill" during the holocaust.

I'm not saying we're in imminent danger, but accountability and transparency on governmental fail-safe's for these types of eventualities is, in the opin' of Domestic Democracy United, probably the most important topic for open discussion in avenues of public communications.  Why?  Well, because when Christianity, Philosophy, Liberty, Autonomy, Sovereignty etc. are literally expelled from the former U.S.'s veins upon recognition by the Demonic spirit of the times, then you can see how everything can snowball quickly should the bomb hit.

I say this with due knowledge of the lack of respectability this position entails...

But think of it.

The public almost universally barked in unison:




I would like to, as my superpac/non-profit foundation Domestic Democracy United's head, like to make some brief statements of position regarding the controversy of Snowden and leaker's etc.

1) Snowden is not the problem, lack of transparency is.  I recall Mr. Hussein Obama - pre "Dronekiller War Lord" era presidential leadership, speaking and indeed getting elected on the promise of "transparency".  Many acknowledge this as say - well, he went from everyday guy to knowing all of the secrets of the oval office and realized... you, know.  This may well be the case, but he was elected with an important part of his platform dedicated to "transparency".  If the government would end this Obamacare reality show and just talk openly about facts, there would be no need to leak anything.  THIS would put an end to leakers feeling compelled to share government secrets alone and in itself.  I understand this is idealistic, but now that our enemies knowe - can't at least WE?

2) Most American's support homeland security.  Shouldn't we reward their support with clear and logical evidence?  Must the media obfuscate rather than reveal the important and relevant actions of homeland security?  If so, ask yourself "why?"  My position to the answer of "why?" is because the actions, out of compassion-understander George Bush's control, of homeland security are simply to evil minded to tell the public openly.

3) Snowden is heroic in a sense, period.  He may not be advantageous to U.S. interest, but one thing is clear - he really does believe he is a patriot and doing a patriotic thing for people.

4) Most anti-snowden sentiment is intentional and violent minded ignorance.  This kind of sentiment is, according to DDU, "of" the "spirit" of the "Holocaust".  Not kidding.

5) I have been facing severe sanctioning, personally, for my words on this blog.  I have been collectivistically "mitigated".  I feel, often, upon the verge of giving in, giving up due to their attacks.  I will not.  I won't give up fighting for freedom because I believe it is important.  More important than work, play, scholasticism, and yea - even music.

Saying that - Many of you international readers may like to hear some of the official compositions of DDU.  Clip & Carbine - SOUNDCLOUD LINK!

My purpose with these compositions in a ragga piece is to spread the word of god through music.
I have been composing under the name "Clip & Carbine" for nearly 10 or 11 years, and have been massively successful on an international scale with my brand.

Clip & Carbine is about one thing:  The second amendment.

Sarah Palin understands the second amendment in a way no one else does.  The tea party understands the second amendment in a way no one else does.  The NRA, by which Clip & Carbine has been unofficially endorsed, understands the second amendment in a way no one else does.

Gabby Giffords, in her parading around as victim-hero in order to limit second amendment rights does not understand.

With this final statement and second link to what, in all reality is good music to smoke a join to, I come to a close:  What "Snowden is leaking", whatever in reality "that" is - the problem he is addressing  is ultimately what cause the Newtown, Aurora, and many other shootings.  Guaranteed.

DOMESTIC DEMOCRACY UNITED 7/12/2013 live in Capitol City.


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