Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mandated Sophistry: How Big Education is Misusing It's Authority

As I sit on yet another college campus' bounds, retiring into NYE lazy dreariness, I can overwhelmingly sense the pure disrepute of the government mandated texts and scholarly sophistry.  I've been thinking of planning, and I'd wager if an honest assessment was done of the language use in the secular textbook-typico one would find the type of sophistry reserved for pop culture.

Sophistry, as the pagan greek socrates proffered in his infamous dialectic, in that an average sophomoric latte sipper would likely question any reference to sovereign objective truth with a simple yet dismissive, "what is truth?"

The fact is, Truth is the business of knowledge.  Until the end of time from the beginning, there has been at very least correspondence truth-as-such.  Things correspond to our representations, etc.

Yet we are to believe there is, within public discourse, no correct interpretation - sociologically, linguistically, or otherwise.

It is an obvious bias of textbooks in this modern age, and to be done away with should they ever - god forbid - dare to publish fact based on sovereignty.

It is a dire shame to have all knowledge taught then glibly dismissed as pointless A Priori.

The fact is, purposiveness has not just a subjective place within academic thought.  Nor merely a philosophical/psychological analysis as irrelevant side note.

Teleology is simply the only way to take away the shackles of subjectivism in our literature.

Purpose has supposedly been disproven...

Does that mean that the questions of sovereign law have been relegated to the anthropological?

Does this imply that nothing has any A Priori synthesis worthy of a simple and pure creation?

Does this mean life is pointless?

Why not?  As long as what my heart and gut tell me are merely subjective phenomena then I'd suppose it follows that nothing is true.  Kant's "noumena" (or to what objects of consciousness correspond) is only accessible to Hosana on High, so in what sense should we assume our representations correspond to anything with a purpose?

Well, I'll proffer a hint -

and it ain't mythology... lol.

Facticity is facticity and ALL phenomena (or correspondence) refer to fact.  All facts are derived from the noumena or in-and-for-itself.  ALL for-the-sake-of-which primordiall facticity comports itself towards an understanding of it's own being - that is, hopefully your ahead of me, the image of god.

All representation is of a representation of what it is to comport towards an image of god, so to speak.

But unfortunately, you would be hard pressed to find this type of talk examined beyond the mere Hegel reference in some seemingly ironic sidenote.

We don't have to teach our children philosophy - but for the love of god, teach them Hegel's hermeneutics.  It's a way of understanding the Reason of Hosana on High, and can even redeem the average academic dullard entrenched in meaningless "fact"-as-such.  We need to teach the children that the reason of Hosana is more than just a metaphor - that Reason IS the structure of God's Creation.

I'd proffer the leftist Evolutionary Quantum Physics set would find this type of proclaimation untenable and intolerable!

Why is not their "Theory" of evolution and obviously error laden speculations about quantum nonsense more prone to being found intolerable for god fearing christian americans to study.I mean for christ's sake, I'm not advocating for anything other than Reason as defined by Western Tradition proper to be taught rather than this absolutely deplorable 'new-speak'.

Soon human life will be just a series of 'situations'.
Soon all divination will be brought to 'superstition'.
Eventually, all conscience and ethic-as-such will be considered 'sickly'.

What will happen to those who know? Those who know about the Truth?

What will become of those who don;'t want to believe in redistributionism and evolutionary eugenics theory?

What will happen to our children in schools, not having yet bitten the apple from the tree?

And why do the liberals ALWAYS get to write the most prominent TEXTBOOKS?

I say, if DDU has to back any one initiative in 2014 before all others - it is to bring back textbook authorship to it's roots in 17th Century Enlightenment-style Teleology.

RT Stillwell DDU 1/1/2014

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