Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Most Important Thing About Christmas is Christianity: Free Speech Under Assault

My Fiance: "Merry Christmas!"
Her Co-Worker: "You're not supposed to say merry christmas, it's happy holidays."

The assault on freedom of speech may have culminated in saying happy holidays as opposed to merry christmas and other such politically correct nonsense, but recently, it has had some startling ramifications:

Lars Hedegaard, head of the Danish Free Press Society, found himself convicted of - out of all crimes possible - 'racism' for remarks about islam's treatment of women.  He believed these remarks to be made in private, but they were, in fact, tape recorded and broadcast to the world - used as evidence in his trial.  What was he guilty of?  Obviously a crime: racism.

Rev. Stephen Boissoin was convicted of, close to the worst crime possible, homophobia.
The evidence against him?  Provided by one Lori Andreachuk, a self described 'social engineer' taking part in Alberta's lifetime prohibition of any "disparaging" remarks against homosexuals.  He was banned from ever saying anything contrary to a lifestyle described in Leviticus as an "abomination".  One key to note.  This was not a prohibition against anything 'hatefull' - but merely 'disparaging'.

Dale McAlpine was arrested for handing out leaflets in England - a lifelong Christian himself.  A self described member of the gay lesbian and altogether freakoid society arrested him and sentenced him for causing 'distress to the public'.  He was accused of "talking in a loud voice" that might have been overheard.  he was fingerprinted, DNA-Sampled, and tossed in prison for 7 hours - merely for stating his opinion that gays were, as per :Leviticus, an abomination.

14 year old Codie Stott was arrested and jailed for 3 1/2 hours for merely asking to be in a different group, in school, from her Urdu "playmates".  her shoelaces were stripped off - they photo'd and fingerprinted her, a dehumanizing affair: her crime?  She complained she couldn't understand the ethnic immigrants language.
Section 5: "Racial Public Offense".

A young man much like yourself, Mr. Kinsella of Ottawa, was forced by the court to apologize to a chink simply for making a joke in public about ordering a cat at his favorite Chinese restaraunt.

Neo-Nazi's in Canada were brought to human right's tribunals simply for handing out Xeroxed pamphlets at pay phones, which was used to bring about "Speech Codes" etc.

Guy Earle, a comedian, was fined 15 hundred dollars simply for daring to put down two drunken hecklers during his performace.  HIS CRIME???  The drunken hecklers happened to be short haired butch lesbo's.

Sir Iqbal, knighted by the U.K., was investigated by Scotland Yard for "Homophobia".
The GALHA, a gayer group, was concurrently investigated by Scotland Yard for "islamaphobia".

I heard that even one Mr. Ledger was arrested for 'racism' merely for performing the hit song "Kung Fu Fighting"!!!!

The fact is, if simply saying "Merry Christmas" isn't outlawed NOW, it WILL BE in the future unless we fight for freedom of speech.  we'll find ourselves, in 20 or 30 years, in a dystopian wonderland where even acknowledging what atheists have termed 'the disease of christianity' will be a criminal offense.

And if these ponderous quantum-physics nutbags have their way, it will be.

We need to all, for the sake of the fact that CHRIST reigns supreme over all heathens and atheists, proclaim the sovereignty of Christ this christmas season with a little bit of malice and hatred in our hearts: for the multiculturalist cabal seeks to strip us of that right.  We should show them, this is a CHRISTIAN time of year.  It's not the birth of Richard 'FAGGOT' Dawkins we are celebrating.  It is the birth of the ONLY way to god's person.  It is a celebration of THE ONLY WAY TO GOD -

That is,


So say Merry Christmas with a little disdain,

Brendan O'Connell
Founder and Member of Domestic Democracy United

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