Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big District ole' Columbia Targeting Jewish 1 %: Stifling Economy with Redistributionism

Everyone in the know knows that they know that those who know about in-the-know knowledge and wisdom are simply, without a shadow of humility or spirit, members of a monolithic corporate entity.  They know that they know - but do these in-the-know proponents of anti-free market resentement know that they fail, without an inkling of recognition regarding the order-as-such, at the level of intuition?

I've heard a decidedly wisen'd adagio from a particularly scientific culturallati one of the classic "will never forget this even on my deathbed" catch-alls of the times:  Never trust your first thought.  It is wrongheaded to trust the first primordial inkling of an individuals will.  Why?  I can't imagine, but speculate idly that this sort of evo-revolution typed adagio seeks simply to circumvent the firmament of conscience with a laughably effete "consciousness-as-such".

This evolution of consciousness-as-such is beyond the realm of laughable studied sophistry.  It is dangerous.

Take this learned-speak culturallati's grand wizard, B. Hussein 'Bama himself (none other) now overwhelmingly anti-semitic attacks on the jewish constituency of the 1%.  A little known fact, ripped from annals of USA Today's Money page - rendered in indeterminacy and made determinate through pic after picture of men with Jewish surnames being hauled off by shadowy agencies of that dark city of D.C.

Why persecute the jews?  The Jewish movers and shakers on wallstreet?

Because the ole 'Bama D.C. culturallati are married to implicit anti-semetism, anti-methodist/baptism proper, and anti-free market policy and, obviously, rhetoric.  Recall all of the vitriol spouted from a nihilist D.C. propagandist to the cold glaring telemprompter and recapitulated to a herd of low info voters in '12...
Recall all the classico-populist waxing and waning about the 'virtue' of middle class anti-morality.
Recall the venomous name calling toward the 1%.
Recall the implicit and even partly 'transparently rendered' redistributionism, class warfar, and detroit style black militancy.

Now forget all that.

Forget the fear you may have felt.

Forget the thoughts of resentment envy and upward contempt.

Now remember 9/11.

Those same "fat-cat" 1%er industrialist and economic players are, in fact, who were moatly murdered in that event.

Those same "rich jews" were among the fallen.

That same system which Barack Hussein O'Bama is now attacking with all shields down and all swords raised - that same system was the basis of the sacrifice of intervention in the middle east.  But I'm goin too far here.  I raise not the ire nor recompense in popular zeitgeist - I simply note for god and all eternity that the verifiable anti-semetism of this admin and crony cretin and yae- his counterparts on the terrorist left are one thing:

Prototypical of muslim ideology.
Classically committed, via NASA, to muslim numerology - and, yea:
Probably, in all reality, a con job pulled off by the muslim brotherhood as revenge for the response, dire and dear to me, to 9/11.

If this sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory, just think of what was said about Mitt and Anne Romney on lamestream news networks and hushed wispers...  They're not really people.  They're just puppets for capitalism.

Well, I wouldn't go so far as to call this admin and crony thug cabal neomarxist or islamic...

but their constituents, sold into slavery by the D.E.M. (democrat establishment machine) are basically subconsciously bothe marxist and islamic in ideological warrant.

and their actions against the Jewish 1% are prototypical of neo-marxism and islamic intent.

all the whil,

their wit intrinsic remains classically both subversive in a marxist/communism/socialist sense -


Committed, unequivocally (for diplomatic teleology or reasons unforseen) to classico-islamic ideology.



But DDU head honch and founder is sending a warning and call to all available born-again christians...

"the IS, unfortunately, the objective possibility that Obama and his crony's and their disciples are a con job staged by the muslim brotherhood as revenge for our, dire and dear, reaction to 9/11.  Trouble not your imagination.  Waste not a breathe...  Discount as conspiracy theorizing.  TY"

-Brendan O'Connell of Domestic Democracy United

The year of our lord, 2013 on sundey the 28th of july.

-final fact-

In france, openly jewish semites risk being k-i-l-l-e-d for wearing jewish garb in publik.

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