Friday, August 2, 2013

DDU and Publik's Calls for Transparency Heeded

I was right again, ahead of the curve again, and leading the charge on the issue of gov'ment transparency regarding warrant-less wiretapping the whole way.  Scoffers remain silent, we prefer it that way.

Off the wire today:

"It is worth having a debate over whether there is a better way to do it.  Our goal is to get out as much information as we can to provide as much transparency as we can on this."
-Gen. Cole Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Publik outcry against the so-called "phone record collection operation" has grown to such a roar that the dullard's in D.C. are growing less and less capable of ignoring the calls for accountability and oversight.  Queen Pelosi has been a proponent of this and other program's, such as wiretapping non-u.s. citizens abroad, necessity.  Misses Pelosi only reveals the liberal commitment to an ungodly Orwellian world where responsible oversight and public involvement are rendered mute in her opposition to the recently proposed Amash Amendment in the house.  This Amash amendment sought to end altogether the travesty of justice that is the en masse 'collection' of "phone records".  Voted down, 217-205, and lead to do so by neo-stazi Queen Pelosi - this amendment would have put a real pathway to stopping big gov'ment agencies from mining rural god-fearing american's private lives for god knows what ends.

Bush knew how to do security.

To see these whiny liberal communist muslim-lovers espouse the importance of national security is almost sickeningly farcical, and the left knows it...

It is almost a farce, except for the, you know, intrinsic fascism of hard left commies with their hands on the wheel of power.  I wish, jokingly, that this were something worthy of a joke - but it is not.  It is, de facto, a leftist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

Without a hint of Irony, Queen Pelosi noted (regarding the Amash amendment):

"I was glad it was a big strong vote to send a message..."

Yes main fuhrer, I'm so happy that we can send a message through das big and das strong voten for WIRETAPPING NON-U.S. CITIZENS CELLULAR PHONES.

And the liberal communist cabal on the left side of the aisle decries the injustice of american exceptionalism!

I call for all advocates of democracy and republicanism to send D.C. a message:


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