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In Defense of Eddie Bernays: Why Liberals Hate The Pinnacles of Genius

The fact is, liberals - i.e. democrats or 'the left' - hate genius.  Their idea of profundity is constituted by either physicists with their heads up their asses, humanist oxen reciting what they'd gleaned from the back covers of various books, or their favorite pop icon who makes millions off liberals' penchant for being entertained by the nooks and crannies of their own mirror image.

This wouldn't be the least bit bothersome were it not for the fact that when conservatives attain the greatness of authentic genius they respond - as per Coulter's "Demonic" thesis - as a pitchfork/torch clad hoarde of townspeople, barraging down the street to a mansion's doorstep in the grim hope of running some monster out of it's mansion and "our town".  It's a rather blithe metaphore, however - when most of these hayseed townsfolk have degrees at secular institutes for profanity (i.e. what were onced cutely coined 'schools'), the blitheness becomes very serious indeed.

I'll merely say, that this would be hard to prove - were it not for the fact that almost every conservative intellectual who's achieved anything of import is ritually character assassinated by worthless authors of the anti-exceptionalist bent.  You can even find such books, easily.  They combine, in short reviewe, the difficulty and budget of documentary filmmaking with the impartiality of lamestream media.  Take for example the most prominent conservative of the last century.  His name was Eddie Bernays - author of among other books the light read "Propaganda".  Decades after it's publishing liberal activists did a spit take over the gall that someone responsible for creating advertising as we now know it would be so transparent as to title a work of authorship such an obviously sinister nome.  Propaganda.  They have held up Mr. Bernays, Sigmund Freud's nephew, as an archetype of the evil unscrupulous person responsible for 'brainwashing' the poor unclean masses in flyover country into believing things like:

1) It's nice to own property.
2) Fast cars are desirable.
3) Coffee and cigarettes make an enjoyable couplet.
4) Attractive women are good wives and mothers.
5) Steak and other meats taste delicious.
6) Suburbs are appropriate places to live.


Obviously, these kinds of flagrant violations of justice and ethics are to be combatted.

Edward Bernays was, to put it mildly, keen to some of the discoveries in classical psychology that were - at the time - truly groundbreaking new ways of understanding why humans do what they do, want what they want, and live the way they live.  He merely applied this insider understanding - as per Freud - to conventional advertising and, as with most genius, everyone followed suit.
Think of that popular cable television show "Madmen".  Take the most prestigious character from that fictional account of the ad world during the time.  Now multiply the wit by 100, multiply the power by 1000, and multiply the status by 1 million and you would have a pretty fair idea of who Mr. Bernays was.

Yet he is characterized in collective zeitgeist and near fictional accounts of his person as a dreary, almost profanely middle class meddler, a 2 bit chiseler - if you will.  He is painted to be a sort of mustachio'd "manipulator" - a term virtually invented by modern propagandists without the flair for style of Bernays.  He is, almost assuredly, implied by almost any liberal who conjures his name to be an all American idiot of kin to Goebbels himself.


Because liberals feel compelled to rewrite history to suit their hatred of American Exceptionalism.


Mostly through 2 bit montages of womanly fretting in documentary film and laughably "intellectual" passages in books made for, by, and sold TO academic oxen.


I'll give you a guess when it all started and it starts with 'sick' and ends with 'ickies'.

The only reason this is more than a sidenote on something marginally important from the past is because the Left's misrepresentation of Bernays' substantial contribution to the character of the former U.S.A. is what, guaranteed, the activist caste's god, Mr. Hussein himself, actually believes!
His boomer-esque affinity for qualifying 1950's morality as inherently un-american (I never thought I'd see the day) is part and parcel with this type of rewriting history.  Mr. Bernays is no longer the most prominently influential intellectual of last century.  McCarthy is no longer the most principled American of last century who fought against soviet spy's.  Buckley Jr. is no longer the man who single handedly fought back the most significant coup attempt of the last century.

No, these hyperboles and others can't be allowed.

Now, more realistic characterizations are apt.

Bernays was a traitor who turned people into zombies.
McCarthy was a monster who burned witches at the stake!
Buckley Jr. was a...

well, I shouldn't even start -

All I mean to say is that WHEN conservative men DO achieve the heights of true genius they are defamed, redacted, remembered inaccurately and unscrupulously - almost across the board - character assassinated.  Why?

Because they fear us.  They fear what we stand for.

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