Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NC's "Farm Bill": Populism Hiding Redistributionism

Recently, a bill was proposed in North Carolina that is a perfect example of everything wrong with populism.  For those that don't know, "Populism", better known as pandering with a perfectly crafted southern accent, is an evil ideology that literally fleeces the south of its heritage proper.

This bill, which is nothing more than an expanse of food stamps for blacks and (especially) latinos, actually has the decidedly convincing veneer of being at all related to farming and agriculture.  It is not. Maybe 20 percent of the bill is applicable.  The remainder is simply part of the tug of war over providing free food for non-whites.

The proposed legislation wouldn't be so offensively grotesque were it not for the fact that it's being sold to carpet-bagger's and universalist christian's alike as a noble "juss' helpin the farmer" sentiment whilst hiding a decidedly redistributionist policy.  It seeks to provide millions free food.  Free food provided by the fat skimmed off of the top of other's and industry's wealth.

If this at all sounds problematic, it isn't.

It's merely big Washington Democrat Establishment machinery being shoved down the southern christian populous's throat.  What isn't so apparent, is that not only is the DEM constituency pro Farm Bill for laughable reasons, but they are (as low information voters) entirely oblivious as to the contents of the legislation.  Ask your fellow DEM about the substance of the bill, and all of them will reply something other than to do with Food Stamps.

NC will deny the bill passage, but the insult of populism remains.  Talking southern may buy vote's, but being disingenuous in order to advance a streamlined big government agenda doesn't.  It buys contempt.

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