Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The fact is, communists hate america.

The overarching communist conspiracy knows no bounds.  When McCarthy tried to stem the tide of soviet spies, all communists, back in the fifties - he was character assassinated.  He was called a drunk, he was called all kinds of filthy names from liberal progressives, and ultimately - his legacy is not one of ridding the U.S. government of soviet spy's - which he ACTUALLY DID - but of that of a "witch hunter".

Shame on you, the left.

the fact is, there are currently communist spies working for the U.S. government.  From my own analysis, I would say over 1,000 of them.

We need to stop the commies, before they destroy everything we hold dear.

They clearly have a large grasp of the sociological and psychological.  So we need combat them in their home turf...  Academic circles of ho hum intellectuals.

These atheist "global warming" believing nutbags are sick in the head,,,,

and they need to be stopped.

go to JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY for more info on how to stop the communist conspiracy.

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