Friday, August 29, 2014

Major General Harold J. Greene: Always A Hero

Perhaps the under-coverage of the passing of Major General Harold J. Greene is excusable, but not by me.  The lamestream media seems much more content regurgitating the daily soap opera and telling us all everything is fine and dandy while the world falls apart.  Giving contrite analysis, giving us some kind of grim comfort, telling us all that the D.E.M. is doing a good job.
Meanwhile, heroes like Harold J. Greene keep us free.

How come this story isn't all they're reporting on at the moment?

The fact is, Harold J. Greene will always be a hero.

He is up there in heaven, as we speak, looking down on us with Hosana on High.

Our military has made so many sacrifices, every day basically.

Yet we sit idly by and ask for forgiveness (or don't), and just watch.

Major General Harold J. Greene, an elegy:

"Some must always fall,
some make the sacrifice,
The flag still waves,
across the U.S.A.
they can never stop the
Red White and Blue
from flying triumphantly,
For our freedoms
we take for granted.
Some are willing to die for freedom,
Some take it for granted,
Some stand up and fight,
and some take it for granted -
Oh say can you see,
How heroes never die
How heroes stand forever
How they make us look up
towards god
And take a deep breath,
and look.

Our flag still waves,
Our flag still waves,
Our flag still waves,

For you and me"

- Brendan O'Connell DDU 2014

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