Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Repub Legislators Dare To Oppose Using Food Stamps To Buy Weed

Last week a major legislation has been debated, again under-reported by the lamestream media.  It was about how, in states that have the legalized use of marijuana, ethnics are using their EBT or food stamp debit cards to buy over the counter marijuana.  the repubs, obviously, were in opposition to using taxpayer money for ethnics to buy marijuana.


I smoke.

But using taxpayer money, basically given out for free to the majority of ethnics, to consume pot is just wrong.  the repub legislators were right to try and stop it.

And now, senator Dick Durban is saying that just giving amnesty to more ethnics will solve everything.

Why do those stodgy repub senators dare oppose amnesty?

I'll tell you why.

Because the ethnics serf-class is part and parcel with gang/criminal activity.

Now team 'Bama wants to let them all inside the U.S., give them citizenship, and - NOW - skim taxpayer money so that they can buy marijuana and listen to rap all goddamned day.

I say, send 'em back.

Decriminalization, in terms of industry, may or may not be a terrible idea.

Personally, I think you can keep the pot out of the hands of teens in highschool more easily should it be decriminalized - as everyone who's ever been in highschool knows it is FAR easier to purchase marijuana than to buy beer underage.

But this is beside the point.

The D.E.M., is ACTUALLY opposing stopping ethnics from using their government mandated EBT cards to buy weed in states where it is legal.

At what point does a democrat just stop and say to themselves - "I'm wrong".

The fact is, never.

But for those "libertarian leaning" dems there is a hope.

Or there would be, if the media weren't run by communist columbia schooled journalists and socialist alinsky acolytes.

It's just a farce.

Send the mexi-cartel babies back.

Stop ethnics from abusing welfare and EBT,

and for the love of god

Vote Nixon.

DDU 2014

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