Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Protecting The Unborn: Right To "Choose"?

As I'm oft guilty of repeating,
the fact is - the unborn need protecting.

I've heard the mockings of the left of Right To Lifers, and it's detrimental to the current dialectic.

Monty Python mocking Right To Lifers in their "Every Sperm Is Sacred" adage, the scoffing that leftists proffer for anyone who dares to stand against baby genocide.

It's sick.

The fact is, again, the unborn need protecting.

If I was to say to you, that probably about 10,000 babies a day get killed because of institutional eugenics, would you believe me?  Would you cry?
I would cry for the deceased.
I would.

The fact is, the unborn need protecting

Eugenics-as-such is the undying principle of the left, manifested in their extremist activists as well as everyday joe-and-jane-complicit-in-murder.  It's a sad fact, but direly misrepresented by the publik zeitgeist.

The fact is, the unborn need protecting.

ASIA - slaughtering innocent children.
SEX ED - caught promoting eugenics.
BIO 101 - we're all just animals anyways.
Adv. PHI - Actually no, animals deserve more rights than humans because they're so free of the human disease.

It would be a farce, weren't it de facto genocide of babies.

I've even heard there is a hip worldview being promoted amongst the intelligentsia that after-birth abortions are, well - "literally the equivalent of a standard abortion".

I say tell these sick bastards in the Senate to repeal Roe v. Wade.

Seriously though,
let's all take a moment to consider a single death, which is a an unmeasurable cost.
Now let's consider 10 deaths.

Now let's consider 100 deaths.

Now consider 1000 deaths.

Now consider 10,000 deaths.

Now consider that this is merely "per day"....

....from abortions, or properly, eugenics.

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