Friday, March 21, 2014

Hippocrates: Emboldened Sage Demon

Hippocrates, known for his pagan oathe required by all doctors of medicine, is truly an emblem of the taxation and misrepresentation engendered by modern healthcare intrusion.  Intrusion into the lives of everyday people, in that we now must have a doctor in the house - and that doctor is bound by a pagan oathe, the hippocratic oathe.

There are some in the Christian community who view the conflagration between the bible and pagan Greek philosophy as something resolved by thinkers such as Aquinas and Augustine.  This is a grim farce.
The fact is, pagan Greek philosophy and Christian philosophy are diametrically opposed.

This was resolved by many of the recent thinkers in post-modernism, but also profoundly disputed by myself in the following respect:

Thinkers in pagan Greek philosophy believed in, to all you doubters, what is referred to as "polytheism" - according to many postmodern thinkers as well as christian fundamentalists this in no way comports with Christianity, proper.

I've met some in the institutional bureaucracy that is healthcare who truly have a refined faith in completely refuted philosophers such as Aquinas and Augustine - they are dead wrong.

And to take a pagan oathe upon becoming a minister of health is far from appropriate in a Christian nation such as the U.S.A. -
but this is really the "former U.S.A." as doctors are now, in some sense, arbiters of our everyday lives!

It's a crying shame, and one which should surely be revealed as what it is in-and-for-itself... an ancient pagan game of lecherous proportions.  Why not add a leach to my abdomen?

Pagans really were engaged in an evil act - Polytheism.
Christianity really DOES need to be first and foremost when it comes to the administration of Health-as-such!

The fact is, nerds suck!

DDU 2013 R.T. Stillwell

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