Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Letter to a Ukrainian Dissident

Dear Ukrainian dissident,

I've been flattered by people in your country frequenting my blog page, presumably due to the protest movement in your country's need for an authentic philosophy of the west.   I wish I could offer anything substantive, but what I've coined "Domestic Democracy United" is just that - a domestic organization.  I rarely address the tumult of the overseas world, precisely because of the fact that all I know for sure are the long stretches of the U.S. interstate, the legacy of our founding fathers, and my own inadequately educated understanding of what I intuit democracy to be in-and-for-itself.  However, it bequeaths me to address these deadly clashes that have been escalating in your country, of which I know little beyond the fires, tear gas, and relation to the former U.S.S.R. - Russia.  It is not only a bold decision to ardently oppose seeming annexation by "mother Russia", but a wise one politically.  It can be hard to stand in contrary poise to such an overwhelming enemy, perhaps deadly - but you can stand as such with the truth of your convictions, the philosophy of the right and correct, and the will of the Almighty decidedly on your side.  However, perhaps the Che flags are, how do I put it, a terrible choice.  This sort of protest, with the liberalism and communism that it entails, is far from what is needed in what is essentially a fledgling democracy movement and I condemn the use of such communism as a hypocritical and self defeating tactic.  However, one must note that there are certain "fringe elements" in any protest movement, and you would do well to distance your own movement from that of the international communist conspiracy, that uses any opportunity to advance it's cause.  What seems most touching about your practically suicidal struggle is that you stand in opposition to Russia.  Why?  Is it due to some long standing grudge?  A history of conflict with said nation?  A need for opposition to the Goliath of the east?  I would simply note that you are right to oppose such a needless use of the former U.S.S.R.'s iron fist - which is far from just, righteous or even remotely capable of anything approaching sovereignty.   Take a key from the Tea Party!  Throw Russian products into a river or some such thing!  And I'm still very interested in why exactly Russia-as-such feels the need to dictate over a country that it has no dominion over...  Stinks to high heaven in my book, and Domestic Democracy United stands by your principled stance.  With a little good luck and the will of the Lord of Hosts on your side, you may yet achieve victory for your cause, albeit a limited one that has almost no hope of a peaceful outcome.  Camus once said, "The only philosophical question of any importance is that of suicide."  You'd do well to take this seriously, if only as an ontology.  Russia has always been an inherently communist country.  It's claim to having gotten over that period of it's history is the equivalent of enemy propaganda rolling over the picket line.  The cold war isn't over, and despite the left's inability to stand up to or admit of Russia's "Commie Problem", DDU 2014 stands with you in your struggle.  The American right had made a commitment to helping nation's like yours stand in opposition to Russia, and while the current administration may founder in this instance, I'm sure you can take some solace that portion's of the American Republican Party stand with you and believe, in the absence of those ridiculous Che Guevara flags, that you are 'in the right'.


Brendan O'Connell, Domestic Democracy United: Founder and Member

Suggested reading:
GWF Hegel "Philosophy of Right"
Joseph Farrah "The Tea Party Manifesto"
Heidegger "Zein und Zeit"
Rush Limbaugh "Rush Revere"

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