Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Free Dinesh D'Souza

You fucking ratbastard yankee communists.

You've sentenced hero and patriot Dinesh D'Souza to 8 months, plus 30,000 plus community service.  FUCK YOU.

You fucking commie stooges.  God will repay you in full.

You fucking jew yorkers.  go the fuck back to yr wicked israelite homeland, which is - de facto - hell.

You fucked up this time.

"Campaign Finance Reform" FAIL.

Fucking democrats can't handle someone shaking you up a litte?
If Dinesh D'Souza had lived in fayeteville, NC - he never would have been charged.

[But because he lived in the land of limited soda with plenty of JEW wine, he was tried and sentenced according to the BS yankee ANTI-GOD ANTI-LAW.]

We will have justice.
Fuckin jew york dems are for shit.

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