Saturday, August 2, 2014

Torture Comments By POTUS Raises DDU Founder's Ire

I have to say,
I'm pissed.

Our president recently made comments saying that the torture conducted after 9/11 was, at very least, a bad thing.

This is patently ridiculous.

The fact is, torture - waterboarding and beyond - is our one key asset in the war on terror.

And to see the POTUS come out publicly as shamed by this torture was truly an Unamerican Moment.

The fact is, terrorists not only speedily deserve this type of punishment and more, but to come out in a moment of shame in regards to a ridiculous "human rights" sentiment is laughable.

Let's make one thing clear.

The Koran says, as a mantra repeated over and over (and trust me I've read half of it through), almost as a dominant theme: "Kill the unbeliever."

Anyone who ascribes to that type of radicalism against America has, in the opin' of DDU, it "coming".

So to see all of this hubbub over torture techniques - AGAIN - reeks of the predictable leftistinista "empathy" we've heard so little about.

The fact is, liberals exist by the basis of empathy-as-such.

This empathy says,

"Those poor muslims, we should tolerate them."

Godly "compassion", or "mitleid" has much more of a basic understanding of human civilization.

So Barack?

Quit undermining the CIA -

DDU stands by the CIA in the use of whatever methods are necessary to avert tragedy and detain/kill terrorists.  Barack?  Quit undermining our country's Sovereignty.

DDU 2014

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