Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Department of Health and Human Services Needs To Be Stopped

DHHS is not only out of it's mind with it's intent for the peoples of this country, but almost surely acting unconstitutionally and nearly of an instinctually pathological mindset as an institution.  This department, which Domestic Democracy United feels should be defunded as soon as possible, has no care for everyday ordinary citizens whatsoever.  The irony is, it's unconstitutional actions and reformations are all sold on the basis of this 'care' for people - yet DHHS is merely another bloated wet dream of those fanatics in D.C.  The Department of Health and Human Services needs to be stopped.

Obviously, there is something far more sinister behind it's decision to attempt to mandate prophylactics' dissemination in institutions of the religious variety.  What could it be?

One word: Eugenics.

We as North Carolinians need to tell the DHHS to "go home", as in our state Eugenics is explicitly forbidden.  And as far as I remember, certain religious organizations are forbidden by doctrine to have anything to do with contraception.

It reminds me of one of the texts I saw in my short attempt at taking the current farce that is Big Education seriously for brief time: A BIO 110 textbook which stated that "the world is overpopulated and needs to be depopulated due to environmental concerns".
They, the higher ups in the DHHS, can claim that sexual concerns require sexual education and free condoms and subsidized abortions if they like; but we, the citizens of North Carolina, know for a fact that the only thing that makes a substantive difference is promotion of Abstinence before marriage.
They, the social engineers who have run amok in our country for the last 6 years, can claim that contraception is promoted to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancy, but I - founder of DDU - know the awful truth behind this practice of eugenics...

That is, that more condoms being given out at places of employment etc. is actually a 'population control' procedure; which amounts, unequivocally, to eugenics.

Everyone knows that teaching abstinence is the only correct policy.  Sex Ed and other DHHS wet dreams that I won't bother mentioning at the moment by virtue of the fact that it would be far too controversial, are not only stupidly created, not only inappropriate for workplaces and schools, but actually detrimental to society's morals, standards and well being; a sentiment the viciously wicked cartel known as the Department of Health and Human Services claims to have in mind when forcing normal godfearing Christians to take part in their almost humorously vacuous 'condom campaign'.
I'm reticent to mention eugenics, as it can be a touchy issue; especially for those who actively believe in the very existent 'academic eugenics' ideology.  But the fact is, it's a touchy issue not by virtue of it's existence in schools, workplaces and philosophy - but because of the fact that some higher ups on the Left believe that promoting eugenics secretly is so important that those who speak out against it should be marginalized.

Just as per collectivism, any attempt to indict someone implicitly in agreement with eugenics is met with denial, obfuscation and the kind of bobbing and weaving one expects from a boxer!

Take for example noted Hegel scholar and aussie extraordinaire Peter Singer.

His ideology is a perfect example of eugenics:

He believes that animals are actually more important than humans (save the trees etc), that live human babies should be allowed to be murdered after they're born, and that - of all things - Hegel's dialectic is one of historical evolution.

I'm kidding of course...

But the fact is, every so often one of these elite intellectuals are discovered as holding similarly eugenicist views - Why let these eggheads run our government?

Why let some sick freak make our Churches into little public institutions?

Why let the DHHS have any more of our tax money?


DDU 2014 - Brendan O'Connell
Founder and Member of Domestic Democracy United

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