Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Being-Towards Death: The State Of Worldhood

It would seem to some that the world has come into a state of Being-Towards-Death, and that we find ourselves, entities being-in-the-world-as-such, in a state of fallen disrepair in regards to our own utmost potentiality for being.  As such, the worldhood-of-the-world's fallenness can only be a trace of what is to come.  Our own most being-unto-death.
Being as understood in an ontological sense engenders it's own nature to comport itself towards an image of Hosana, and image- yea, of itself.  Yet even with such a dialectical scalpel, one still wonders.  What is this being-towards-death that I'm referring to.
Being-Toward-Death is our own most potentiality for being.  A nuclear strike would be a form of death inconceivable to our current generation.  Yet it now seems we are on the path to an unsustainable being-towards-death that will lead, inevitably, to "the bomb".

The facticity of this worldly being-towards-death only necessitates a kind of understanding of our own fallenness.  The fallenness of being-in-the-world.  If we were to ascend to the level of non-fallenness, then we would surely find ourselves in the mansions and dinnertables of the afterlife!  We ARE fallen.  Just look at the worldhood-of-the-world, in-and-of-itself.

Death is currency.

So to finalize this diatribe, I'll simply make the cursory reference to the start of "ZEIN UND ZEIT"

what we thought we knew about being and what "being" meant turned out to be insufficient, and now we must admit we understand NOT and begin our search for the meaning of being anew."

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