Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Team 'Bama Goes After Our Children: Freakish Alinskyite Attack On Middle America

Here's the news I had rendered previously "too controversial" to take on:

Obamacare is now in the school system, using their sick and twisted cult of psychology/psychiatry to analyze normal adolescent rebellion in terms of some sick psuedo-language I've termed "new-speak".
If a child in America doesn't fit the definition of the safe, tolerant eco-conscious ubermensch that the Regime deems the only acceptable form of Being-as-such, they will be targeted by the Regime itself.  And they're doing it through the Regime controlled school system.

If little Johnny isn't "socialized" properly according to Democrat ideology - they will and have been singled out for inclusion in psychiatric/psychological treatment.  Sick freaks.

It's fine for some sociopath to be given the hospital treatment after he's made his mistakes in life - failed to live up to upward mobility and has drug problems in their mid 20's etc.  But it's not fine for Obamacare to make it's home playing field in our children's schools and classes.

Now, someone who stands up to evolutionary theory in BIO will surely be targeted by Obamacare!

Someone who thinks this administration is full of shit and speaks out about it will be pumped full of medicine, initiated into the Obamacare system, and pretty much become a serf to the Fed.

It's sick.  The people who promote and agree with Obamacare will surely get an easy pass.

But for those who disagree vocally?

They will be punished by this sickly Regime of communists.

Obamacare is fine, for all intents and purposes, until it comes into our workplaces and schools.  At that point, the fight is on.

Hey Barack Obama - go back to nigreristan!!!!


DDU 2014


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