Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The VA Scandal: Exposed!!!

In regards to the queer "resignation" of the Head of the Veterans Hospitals, I can only quote walt whitman when he said, "Of the concourse of Power and Poetry, there is but one true course).  In effect, I should be congratulating Mr. Hussein Obama on his efforts of Justice.  I merely wish that translated a bit more for his Regime.  The malfeasance, and yes it is malfeasant, of the VA leadership should lead to - in the opin' of DDU - more "resignations" a.k.a. "Firings".

Curiously though the DOJ continues it's assault on civil liberties.  If only Eric Holder and Mr. Hussein Obama, along with his Regime, weren't so intertwined.  The DOJ, I think with some responsibility in this matter, has failed to protect Veterans as well.

I'm loathe to say this dereliction of duty - i.e. 60 Dead Veterans in Arizona etc. - is of proportions comparable to, say, Fast and Furious and that mess.  The DOJ should be audited.
But I'm sure that won't happen - just more Tea Party patriots having a little trouble with the Hospital Industrial Complex.

The fact is, Domestic Democracy United's main concern is not some Knee Jerk reactionary outrage - though it may well be for some.  The main call in for this supposed "concourse" to have recourse in recompense.  Some grief.

The brunt is, like with Al Queda, according to Rush affiliate IMPRIMIS, 30% of muslims living in the U.S. believing that former bad guy ******REDACTED******** was a good thing, that there was quantifiable loss of life.  And DDU always stands firm behind the statement of Roger Heartaway, back in 1974 that a SINGLE loss of life is a QUANTIFIABLE loss of life.  That is to say, even the Unborn.

But what does this mean for the VA Hospitals themselves?

That the same eugenics responsible for condoms, sex ed, evolutionary theory and subsidized abortions is responsible for these, more than likely, DEATH PANELS PERFORMED BY VA ADMINISTRATIONS.

succinctly and simply yours,

R.T. StillwellDDU 2014

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