Friday, May 30, 2014

Temperance is for Nerds, Losers and Dorks

The notion of temperance is traditionally defined as a southern hospitality of sorts, in which it is considered immoral to drink beers.

This, obviously, has no real existence in the south in the post-deconstructionist age - apart from the Obamanites insistence that everyone act like a dork/looser and whine about those who enjoy life.  Temperance is idiocy.  It is simply a way for those with grievances (and believe me, all nerds and loosers have grievances) to try to show others the correct and "enlightened" way of their own hypocrisy, that is - a grim farce in which every Cool-Aid drinker believes their own way to be the way of correctness.

It is not only a grim-farce, but indicative of a communist conspiracy.

You see, as often as the communist party is thought to be drug-using and defiant (and they ARE drug users), the fact remains that the communist party's platform is one of persecuting those who indulge in a beer.  One of their central tenants is to condemn the use of alcohol (obviously they prefer heroin and lsd - not to mention crack-cocaine).  They used this method of subversion against my personal hero - Mr. Joseph McCarthy.

When McCarthy attempted to, and succeeded at finding soviet spy's working in the U.S. government, he was overwhelmed with allegations that he was an alcoholic.  Personally, I think it's impossible to fight against communism without a stiff drink now and then.  But yes, he found over 40 soviet spies working for the U.S. government, and was immediately attacked due to the fact that he, on occasion, enjoyed a drink or two.

That's because it is part of the American Communist Party's platform to decry the evils of alcoholism and alcohol use!  literally.

So in summation, The ones who tell people that they are alcoholics are generally part - consciously or not - of a communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

And the majority of them are nerds, loosers and dorks who have no life and have read Marx one to many times.

Ask your average nerd how many times he has read the communist manifesto and you will invariably find that they hide the fact that they have ever done so.

It's a shame.

But always remember, never forget....

The fact that Nerds, Losers and Dorks have no life and no accomplishments beyond their own soured sense of vanity.

Hooray for them!

But they shall surely rot in hell for eternity! lol

RT Stillwell, DDU 2014

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