Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mexicans Sending Hispanic Babies Over The Border In Grim Race War

From what I've heard, and keep in mind in N.C. Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants is an affair of the imagination, Hispanics of the Mexican origin are sending their "refugee" children over the border to be "cared" for by team 'Bama.

If this keeps up, I may need to write another piece on why it's inherently evil to have American services prompt for "press 1 if you would like these directions in espanola".  It's bloody bollocks.

we have to retrain entire school districts now, apparently, just because the louses South of the border can't keep their cartel kids in check.  I say, send em to the U.N.

Right now, criminal gangs are sending their wee little babes, all brunettes, over our southern border to find "refugee" status in our home country.  And if we refuse their citizenship?  If we refuse to let these wee little babes find solace in our, now, completely deprived Former U.S. o' A.?  What happens?

Well, it would appear because of our lack of compassion on the matter, we would now be in a civil law suit from the DOJ, who wants to keep mexi-cartel babies inside our borders!

It's a flippin joke!

I say, send their diapered asses back to where they come from, and quit botherin me NSA!!!

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