Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In Support of Chris Christie

DDU believes that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie makes an astounding candidate for the presidential bid in 2016.  He will continue to garner widespread support from the republican constituency and mainstream voter base, and hopefully ride the tide into a great victory for the Republican party in 2016.
Chris Christie has two things that make a president great; both of which are controversial but all too true.

1. Bridges, bridges and bridges.
2. Bridges, bridges and bridges.

I mean, let's face it ~
A leader who can shut down infrastructure at his political whim is the kind of leader we want to enact revenge on the democrat party for 8 years of social justice activism, massive taxation and a legacy of tyranny.   We need a president with resolve, on who is willing to do the dirty work that it takes to get this country going great again - not some left wing whiny baby with penis envy, am I right?

A leader who can effectively cause significant harm to the constituencies of the left?  That's the kind of leader I want running our country!  One who can shut down bridges, close roads, cancel building permits, make dems feel uncomfortable and out of place etc.  We need someone who can bring the stigma, and make it stick ~ and Christie can do it.

One thing about Christie that has been underplayed in the newsmedia is his devout Christianity.  He is a profoundly Christian leader, who offered his unequivocal support to one of our nation's most Christian leaders of late in his 2000 POTUS run, George W. Bush.  He and former President Bush share one thing in common, despite their notably different dialects:  They both put God first and foremost, and politics second.

We need a leader who can get the job done, send em home and pay the bills.  A big boss, who can keep the busses running on time and keep the schedule in order.  Not some wimpy know it all with a penchant for the radical.

Hillary Clinton's honors thesis was "An Analysis of the Alinsky Model" - that is, an analysis of the author of "Rules for Radicals" who dedicated the book to "Lucifer... the first radical".
Big government with it's little hidden world is NOT what we need more of.  What we need more of is governance, New Jersey style.

And what a losing game the lamestream media will play in spinning a Christie presidency!  I can see it already.  SNL making fun of New Jersey residents as white trash.  Off color remarks his weight.  Using that image to present him as a crony capitalist!  It's so perfect...  perfect for the dems to lose in 2016.

I can see why Ann Coulter was an early Christie supporter!

DDU Founder and Member, Brendan O'Connell

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