Monday, September 22, 2014

Science: Enemy of Christians Since Newton

Traditionally, one introduced to the sciences was someone also well versed in Christian doctrine.  Newton, as in the discoverer of Gravity, famously was also devoutly Christian.  Newton the man, when not in heaven looking down upon the farce that modern science has become and chortling to the angels and himself, must just spin around in his grave all day.

Now, science is 99 % atheist, with it's infusion of the psychological sciences etc.

What a sad state of affairs.

The pinnacle of human involvement with knowledge-as-such has developed into an anti-god, anti-christian leftist cult devoid of understanding in matters of importance.  Congratulations atheists.

If a scientist is not an evolutionist, he cannot sustain in the current climate of academic intolerance towards christianity.  It reminds me of "God's Not Dead", the recent film inspired by Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God" that shows how wise men of the academic die; as fools.  Now, not only is a teachers tenure in jeopardy if they dare to stand in opposition to the cult of Evolutionary Science - but students also, unequivocally, must go through that ring of fire as well.

Shape up academia.

Stop the mandated Evolutionary Science indoctrination.

It's not like Evolutionary Theory wasn't responsible for the holocaust in ww2 or anything...


The fact is, the problem of the sciences is explained almost right off the bat in MY textbook:  THE BIBLE.

Adam and Eve sinned spiritually when they did, what now?

I'd have to assume all readers are WAY ahead of me.

I like the point in "God's Not Dead" where the young protag gets his prof to admit the awful truth:  He HATES God.

The fact is, most of the sciences have hatred of the divine built into their very structure.  They implicitly (though rarely explicitly) have as their morality one of radical atheism.
Yet we continue to use their "research" - Oft proven to be a farce - to justify social matters.

I say, let the nerds have THEIR WORLD, let us Christians have ours.

And for fucks sake,
Science -
Quit it.

DDU 2014

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