Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shadowy Healthcare Industrial Complex Complicit in Enacting Campaigns Of "Social Justice"

Recently I found that my suspicions about the Healthcare Industrial Complex have turned out to be all too true.  Everyone knows Obamacare is rife with all kinds of "nefarious abuses of power", as I've termed it before; but few knew that this legislation effectively turns hospitals and mental health facilities into agents of a Socialist agenda.
It may sound hard to believe!
"Where I get my healthcare is now a... a Social Justice center?"
Yes, effectively.
Now I'd wager many wouldn't mind a little 'help the poor' sentiment in their healthcare services, but I'm afraid what the Regime is now guilty of, i.e. communism/socialism, is far more dangerous than a little extra good will towards others.
This was a statement by a representative of NAMI, a communist front group:

"The police and law enforcement system is unjust and needs to be stopped."

Now if that isn't dangerous Social Justice activism, I don't know what is.  Everyone, I'm sure, is familiar with that argument that the Regime has created a 'psuedo-law' that undermines and circumvents the legal system and law enforcement establishment;  however, putting that aside for a moment - If what the healthcare system is doing is actively undermining the Police - we're in BIG trouble.

The fact is, Police are the number one target for the international communist conspiracy.  They refer to those who put their lives on the line for the sake of security "pigs".  Well, as it turns out this sentiment is pervasively part and parcel with Obamacare.  Think of it.  What better place to organize than under the radar in a locked down healthcare facility.  They even have their own security forces!
In fact, this communist organization NAMI even has agents who are, mandated from the Fed more than likely, involved in police matters.  There are potentially even some of them working INSIDE police depts.

As everyone knows, communisms main operative goals are to undermine the credibility of the police, discredit their sovereignty, and infiltrate the police depts themselves in order to bring information on Law Enforcement back to the communist party.

This may well, if I'm correct, turn out to be a major component of what Obamacare effectively does!

I for one stand by the police.
I for one feel that the Law is the Law.
And if you do the crime, you do the time.

God Bless America

RT Stillwell DDU 2014

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