Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thom Tillis Endorsement

I endorse Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate, to represent NC in that dark city of Washinton D.C.
He is truly a breath of fresh air for this repub, and I know that with proper foresight and conviction he will clench the nomination and the office.
Endorsed by the National Rifle Association and given an A plus rating by said establishment, Thom Tillis gets not only my vote, but my sincere congratulations on his support given by the NRA.  We need someone in Washington who can stop the persecution of rifle owners.
Tillis is not only the best candidate for the U.S. Senate, but achieves his status as top dog contender with the ease and grace of a true Christian - who GETS the ways of our fair state of North Carolina. He CAN win, WILL win, and deserves to win.  The NRA has backed Tillis, ensuring all of us in his district that the conservative ascendancy is one of proportions nearing the true character of the south.

Tillis not only has aptly refused to respond to the insipidly stupid attack ads leveled at him so far in the lamestream media, but shows a real attitude of conviction of principle.  I say OF, due to the fact that his principled stance on the second amendment shows he GETS IT.  He gets what we care about, he gets what matters - the constitution - and he understands the true care and concern of the southerner typically.

If I see another attack ad, coupling his free enterprise philosophy with environmental "concerns-as-such", i may sincerely get angry.  The union organized mafioso club-of-the-profane has spent their wad most likely already, trying to convince average citizens of North Carolina, USA, that future Senator Tillis is a crony capitalist dedicated to big industry.  It's laughable, not to mention annoying for a hardworking joe or jane to have to sit through, however brief, whilst getting the weather at 6 and 7 p.m. EST.  The unioners should halt these vicious and ill timed attack ads, lest they show their hand in the political game to be exactly what it is for millions of NCers - a sham parlor trick meant for decidedly middle class overeducated global warming nutbags.  Lay off unions!

Thom Tillis is what NC needs, and this Tea Party patriot succinctly would like to endorse  Tillis with the following:

"Do you want a fucking hippy communist senator, or would you like to vote for a true patriot and southern republican Christian?  I don't care.  VOTE TILLIS."

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