Thursday, June 26, 2014

Constitution Under Attack: How a Repub Congress Can Save Us

According to recent supreme court hearings, all of the blatant and flagrant unconstitutionality of this administration CAN be fought; and all it takes is a little grit and gusto from the U.S. Congress.

In a recent hearing, court documents have held that under the constitution, unconstitutionality is traditionally combatted by the Congress, and if something reeks of aforementioned lack of safeness and sanctity with regards to the constitution, Senators CAN and - if elected this November - WILL fight back these legislations with clear headed Americanist bullying in congress.  I'd nearly forgotten that the Senate was capable of this type of legislation; what with the dem machine always lockstep in line with the POTUS and Repub Senators gladly whisking away constitutional freedoms and collecting their due pay.  However if we win in november, I can guarantee this will be a fight over the constitution.

And we need to fight for our constitutions.
The Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and FBI and CIA are ALL bound by the constitution.

Why don't we all just sit down, take a deep breath and remember that our - even citizen's - oathe to abide by is that of the constitution!  We can stop the ethnic immigration debate.  We can stop wondering why Congress is getting us nowhere on the new budgetary outlook.  we can even stop the partisan bickering;  and just get down to brass tax.  Why we do everything that we do.

The Constitution-as-such.

The fact is, the Regime is flagrantly abusing government.  We stop them occasionally, and do our best to fightback the tides and torrents of brute circumstance in regards to having a Radical/Muslim POTUS.
But there's one place, that broke today in the supreme court, that has been marked out for a battleground of honor and dignity.

The Constitution.

If we, as of the unstoppable win in the November elections, deem something this administration has done to be unconstitutional - we can and WILL stop it.

And wee can do so because the Constitution guarantees our right to do so.

I applaud the course the Conservative majority had taken in these past several years.

But now a new era of American Politique is dawning.

The era of the constitutions.

DDU 2-14

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