Monday, May 8, 2017

The Being-Toward-Death-of-the-World: On Existentialist Post-Deconstructionism

One and all are, currently and preconsciously, "Being-Toward-Death"!
Think of it as if you were driving a car...
You are moving forward at fast speeds, the landscape whirring along out of your periphery...
You are on your way to your destination and fully accept you will arrive in comfort and sanctity!

Yet out of nowhere...

That is much akin to death itself.  We fool ourselves in our own schemes and designs;  Saying, "Peace and Safety."
Yet destruction and death becomes our existentially oriented phenomenal being.

People often think of incessant death as a kind of pitch blackness...
Yet isn't it wondrous that near death experiences are often described in terms of "coming to the light"?

We are, in all facticity, bound - worldly and phenomenally - to our own utmost potentiality for being...  that is, Death...

In Ingmar Bergman's seminal "The Seventh Seal", the filmmaker shows a man at the end of his life in a destiny begotten final chess match with a figure representing Death-as-such.
Are we not born into this eternal match of wits?

We fool ourselves, thinking that we may be able to somehow transcend death or outsmart death-as-such...
Yet is this not a fools err?

One's ownmost absolute potentiality for being-in-the-world (Dasein) is - de facto - one's ultimate death-of-being-in-the-world.

An extinguishing of life; One's own.

If not facing this existential truth directly, we surely must be cowards; shivering by the lamp in hopes of some far begotten redemption in the face of the end of our mortal coil.  It's pathetic.

Face death with courage, and surely the Lord of Hosts will acquiesce with far less reticence-towards-the-divine than with an earthly coward, begging for mercy at the end of an unrepentant life!

We will all die.
We will all pay taxes.

Accept the supposed injustice of the class hierarchy, dear lib, and embrace your own ultimate end of Being-as-such.

Be-in-the-world with the "passion" of prescience!

Make your moral declarations final and true for all of the works-of-the-world's eternity.

Live the tradition's of our fore-bearers, truly and to your ownmost existential will-towards-life!


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